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I like Black Plasma Studios.

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Tigerpickering avatar Tigerpickering
Level 43 : Master Technomancer
Do you like Black Plasma studios? I do! There are many patrons! They make lots of animations, such as Don't Touch, Skywars: MEGA, Skyfall, Zombies: Infection, Zombies, Blocking Dead, Animation Life, Calamity, Jerry the Slime, Songs of War, 20 Ways to Die in Skywars, and UHC Champions. This is not all of them, but those were some of them. There are some patrons (become one at www.patreon.com/BlackPlasmaStudios) although I REALLY want to become one. Some patrons are: Jcr4449, Isacx, Spawn779, GamingDemonYT, InfernoMetal, Yujuki, TomHot235, LelisPug12, Klokanariur, SquigglePlayzMC, Gameslammer, Cris, Minguado, Awesqme,PixelFrosty, Pinsted, RoANitrox, Arbiter617, WailfulGalaxy2, RastaMyPasta, TapiocaDoesMC, EagleEmpire, SpaceBuddy17, Dawood562, DameronX, xcoolcweepax, and others. Some focus on Hypixel, or Mineplex. Click this link: www.mineplex.com to go to the Mineplex website or use us.mineplex.com to get to the server. I play on win. 10 so I already have Mineplex, OR click here: www.hypixel.net to visit the official Hypixel website, or use mc.hypixel.net to get to the real server. Or you can get the admin's (Hypixel) skin at www.namemc.com or this website (link to Hypixel skin available at the comments below later!). Have fun!! P.s. say clogged if you hate the coronavirus (and the spanish flu, and the Plaque).

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