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I'm going to do a new art thingy about a piglin who was born with a genetic mutation that makes her immune to zombification.

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As much as I love doing allay fanart, I really want to move away from just that. Call me crazy, but I like piglins and I personally think that they are kinda cute. So, to that, I am going to do various drawings of an adolescent piglin named Jennifer. I'm choosing Jennifer because Jennifer Doudna is the name of a biochemist who worked with CRISPR gene editing. Pigs are used a lot with gene editing, so naming a humanoid pig after a scientist who worked on gene editing, which is used on real-world pigs felt fitting. I was originally going to name her Marie, which is coincidentally the middle name of Emmanuelle Charpentier, another scientist who worked with Jennifer Doudna.
With that short science lesson aside, back to the story about our piglin Jennifer.
Jennifer the piglin was born with a mutation that made her immune to zombification in the overworld. She may have been part of an experiment but she escaped the lab. She grew up like a normal piglin would riding hoglins and then turning around and eating them. One day, she leaves her nomadic tribe and finds a ruined portal. Curious about what lies on the other side, she lights the portal and goes in. Then, she goes on an adventure through the overworld, and that's all, I guess. coming soon
Just added what I have so far and tysm this site is really helping me with the stress of winter break (yeah crazy, right? So is my family.)

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