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The Magisterium [Update: Fourth volume now available!]

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Baroque Obama avatar Baroque Obama
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It's official... I'm a published author!

**Update: Fourth volume now available!**

Welcome to The Magisterium, a planned five-book series of spellbooks, being the bibliography of the great archmagus, Cadremarius.

Each book is an authentic-looking old-style volume on a different magic-related topic, and each will be available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook format.

•The first release, Arcanus, is actually the final book in the series. It's the archmagus Cadremarius' final spellbook with his most powerful masterwork spells, and it's available now.

•The second release, the Principia Magicis, is the actual first book; it's a treatise on the nature and workings of magic, and it's also available now.

•The third release, Omnis Futura, the fourth in the series, restores the Tarot deck to its proper 100-card size by returning the stolen clade of Master Arcana, and it's also available now.

•The fourth release, Eidolus in Victoria, the third book, describes various magical creatures and the means of their summoning, and it's also available now.

•The fifth release, Simulacrum ex Terra, the second book, will be a treatise on alchemy, potions, metals, gemstones, and the like, and is currently in progress.

As can be seen in the sneak peek below, they're filled with all kinds of fantastical images in addition to magical insight. I'm writing the final volume now, and we'll see where it goes from there....

Here are the volumes as of today:
Philosophiæ Innaturalis Principia MagicisBeing a treatise on the manner and nature of magic, in the perspective of Cadremarius the Archmagus.Released
Simulacrum ex Terra(To be a treatise on alchemy, potion-making, metals, gemstones, and the like.)
In progress

Eidolus in VictoriaBeing a bestiary for the summoning of magical creatures, assembled by Cadremarius the Archmagus.Released
Omnis FuturaBeing a treatise for the return of secret tarot which were taken, with observations by Cadremarius the Archmagus.

ArcanusBeing the final volume of spells, curses, enchantments, and magics of divers workings of Cadremarius the Archmagus.Released

And here's a sneak peek at the volumes...
Sneak peek
Philosophiæ Innaturalis Principia Magicis:

The Magisterium [Update: Fourth volume now available!]

Simulacrum Ex Terra:


Eidolus in Victoria:

The Magisterium [Update: Fourth volume now available!]

Omnis Futura:

The Magisterium [Update: Fourth volume now available!]


Stay tuned for an update with the final release!

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Update #5 : by Baroque Obama 11/13/2022 12:32:17 pmNov 13th, 2022

•Eidolus in Victoria is published!
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03/14/2022 1:55 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot avatar
Awesome! You've achieved what I've so far only been able to aspire to. Who'd you get to publish it?
03/14/2022 2:00 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama avatar
Thanks :). It was Amazon. They're literally into everything lol.
03/13/2022 11:47 pm
Level 23 : Expert Dragon
BookWyrm_ avatar
Congratulations! That’s awesome!
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