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I Made An illustration Of My New Oc/Line Of Hope o^o. Arful!

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avatar SleepingYui
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
Name: Arful.

Age: 14.

Gender: Genderfluid/Non-binary.

Family Relations: 2 Older Sisters, And 4 Older Brothers. They're The Youngest Of The 6.

Sexuality: Grey Asexual.

and is highly prone to being the receiver to incest. but doesn't stop it, and consents it, seeing as it never goes further then making out cause their sister is bored.

Favorite Color: Light Blue.

Clothes: baggy.
Shirt: Usually found in a Long Dark Grey Oversized Sweater,
Pants: Almost Black, SERIOUSLY OVERSIZED- Like xxxl in Clothing-, Sweat-pants.
Shoes:- Wears None, they go around bare foot, FREEDOM FOR THE FEET- *Aheam* (also doesn't like wearing socks, socks scares them)-(oh and i almost forgot, they have a dark red plad hoodie tied around their pants.)

Fears: Sock Phobia, genophobia, Animotophobia, and Sedatephobia.

Favorite Food: Barnett's Mega Sour.

Favorite Drink: lemon balm tea

Favorite Song: Sasha Sloan - smiling when i die.

Favorite Artists: stwawbwewy milk

Favorite Show: Happy Tree Friends.

Favorite Movie: The Sleeping Room.

Favorite Book: Under the Magician's Spell by R. L. Stine

Favorite Color: light pale icey blue.

Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda Second Quest

(least favorite means Dislikes)

Least Favorite Food: Laffy Taffy

Least Favorite Drink: black tea/unsweetened tea

Least Favorite Song: A Perfect Circle - Gravity

Least Favorite Artist: Rob Liefeld

Least Favorite Show: 7 reasons why, On Netflix. cause of a trigger Hannah gives....

Least Favorite Movie:A Long Way Down (same reason why they dislikes 7 reasons why)

Least Favorite Book: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
by Matthew Quick

Is very sensitive to stuff like suicide, because they, them-self are suicidal.

Flat chested, and cuts, has various scars on their inner thighs, but hides them, and still hasn't told anyone about their pet Bunny, who ways 4 ounces, is black, when a white spot over the eye, and pale icey blue eyes.


Hair: light brown with neon blue tips., in a curly Faux Hawk. (in Which I Changed To A Bun Cause I Can't Draw Hair For Sh** X3

Eyes: Dark brown almost black., Empty, no eye sparkle.

Lips: has a rather smooth cupids bow with normal looking lips. (never wears lipstick.)

Chest: Flat.

Long eyelashes, and a baby face, (as in chubby cute cheeks.)

and is rather skinny, but does have some baby fat/chubbiness in their cheeks, thighs, and arms.
..and they.. feel rather ashamed of them-self... (and i can't draw toe's, so i didn't owo)
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