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I play Minecraft on Xbox 360 Edition at my father's house

This was my profile picture from Wikia and Im using it for now.

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avatar Jessefan1
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
I played Xbox 360 Edition at my father's house, because he has Minecraft on Xbox 360 Edition. I had it since 2016-2017. But I played before since Christmas 2014. I got a lot of bigger plans since Summer 2017 and I hope it would end somewhere in Spring-Summer 2018. It was my big world with 2 cities plus a village called Knox Village. I just made the name that way. I got Mountain City which it's a crowded city now, it used to be a small cities and a few communities, and then I included South Mountain City, which it has bigger builds and the elevation is deeper than in North Mountain City. North Mountain City has big mountains and it ends beside the interstate highway. And North Mountain City has communities too. But on top of the mountain is part of Mountain City. I wish that i got called Mountain City Lookout Area. But, it's got big buildings and a lookout view when your leaving the place. I don't want to explain too much or I will get mixed up a lot with the talking, but it's all I got.

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