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I Restored Terrain.png For 1.17+

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That1Rand0mChannel-SBCDev avatar That1Rand0mChannel-SBCDev
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
For anyone who has been playing before 1.5, you may remember terrain.png, it was used to store block textures. 1.5 removed terrain.png, so the block textures were split into their own individual files.

1.5's splitting of block textures made texture pack creation time consuming since terrain.png was just 1 file where you can edit all of the block textures at the same time, instead of 1.5+ where you have to edit each individual block texture file.

In 1.17, I had enough. Since block models allow you to show certain parts of an image in a tilesheet way, why was nobody bringing back terrain.png? With how easy it was, I started a resource pack that aims to restore terrain.png. I was having a rather simple time until I found out that the stone model I created does not replace the vanilla stone model completely, resulting in a mix of both, which looks ugly. Every other block model I made completely replaces the vanilla ones, so I decided to give up with the stone model completely. I decided to create some more block models before I decided that it was enough for a prototype released.

Just as I was creating the cobblestone model, I had realized that my terrain.png does not have the block textures in the same places as the original did. To make my job easier, I got the original terrain.png and moved around my existing terrain.png textures to match up with the original. After, I had to go back to my grass block model since I moved around the side overlay to a different spot in my terrain.png file.

With some polishing to the models and finishing up with the cobblestone, sand, and gravel models, I finished my terrain.png restoration prototype. You can view it here.

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