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I screwed up, I am sorry.

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avatar DreamBliss
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Some time ago, probably a couple of years now (it hardy seems possible) I submitted DB Diagonal Houses. I put everything in there, except a download link. I don't think I intended that. I am sorry about that. All this time I was wondering why there had been no comments or significant activity on it. And I had worked so hard on those houses!

You know it was pretty close to this time I started Building with Bliss, then stopped and removed the files. I can remember feeling really discouraged, because it felt like nobody cared about what I was doing. But how could they if I hadn't provided the file to download?

I apologize for thinking so poorly of the Minecraft community, and for forgetting to include the download link to DB Diagonal Houses. I have since fixed this. Please check it out, along with my newest work, DB Ultimate House. Please let me know what you think!

Also, remember to comment if I screw something up on a submission, OK? That way I can fix it.
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