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Idea|Tamable Mob: Goat

Let us have Goats!

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avatar TheSpastic
Level 1 : New Miner
Spawn Area
Goat's would spawn in mountainous terrain in the following biomes:
Extreme Hills
Extreme Hills+
Stone Beach
Savanna M
Mesa (Bryce)
A single drove of Goats will consist of 4-7 adults, with 0-3 kids, and 1 Alpha.
You can tame any adult goat with any sort of edible food, flowers, leaves, wheat, hay, or mushrooms. You can tame a baby by taming both parents. You cannot breed a tame goat with an untamed one, nor can you tame the alpha. All goats in the drove will be tamed you you manage to kill the alpha.
Goat's can be healed by using any of the items listed to tame it. Kids will mature within 5-6 days of birth.
You can ride a tamed goat with a saddle. Goats can climb up walls up to 5 blocks high, seeing as how they are excellent climbers in real life.
Goats may randomly climb up a tree, and eat all of the leaves. This will restore the goats health. When eating a tree leaf, the goat may have a chance to find the following:
Apples (If is is an Oak Tree)
Red Mushrooms (If it is a Red Mushroom Tree)
Brown Mushrooms (If it is a Brown Mushroom Tree)
Neutral (Alpha is Hostile)
Alpha: 40 HP/10 DMG
Adult: 20 HP(30 If Tame)/5 DMG(7 If Tame)
Infant: 5 HP(10 if Tame)/ 2 DMG(4 If Tame)
DROPS: 1-3 Leather (Alpha may drop 0-5 Gold Nuggets)

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What do they do though? Why would you need to tame them? By the way you should post ideas like this in the MCForums suggestion section. www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions
Thank you for the support. If this gets enough support from more people, I'll put that on. Also, I am adding what they would do right now.

BTW, if you like my post, check out this one by Pacmantacco. This is where I was inspired to create this post:

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