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Idies To Improve The Nether

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Tomer8009's Avatar Tomer8009
Level 39 : Artisan Caveman
the nether is the hardest place to reach in the earth of minecraft
to reach it we must to find obsidian which is the hardest block to get
first you need to find diamonds and make diamond pickaxe
than you need to find lava and water in the same place
which we can find only in the caves (the most dangerous places in the minecraft world)
after we find and take the obsidian we need to make flint and steal and build with that a portal
and after all this work we reach the nether
only lava , netherock , glowstone , slowstone , and 2 mobs
i got some idies for the new stuff


n-ghasts are awesome you know? they are strong realy hard to get dealing ntons of damage but i thought it would be nice if notch is going to add nsomeone even stronger than ghasts in the nether
n-and pigmen i get the point a strong creature thet ataks you in groups nbut i say if this is the nether "minecraft's hell" why pigman's group ncant be bigger and it would be cool if in the pigmans group will be 1-2 nmobs thet can atak from further distance
n -and some new mobs heres some idies for mobs:
n-ghosts thet makes no noice getting out the glowstone and ataks and you ncould make a new map generator for the nather thet there will be some nhuge caves with tons of goods and you can make like a devil thet will nwait inside thet caves he will be the strongest monster on the game thetn is speeder than you and you cant escape and realy strong
n-maybe if you could just make some quick movers thet going to move ninside the map fast even when your not around and start chasing you fromn a realy far location


n-new blocks would be awesome new spacial blocks thet dosent have to do nsomething but you can be proud of having them just like the lapiz lazulyn in the normal world
n-with diamonds you can make alot of spacial stuff like notebook and etc nyou can make a realy strange and rare blocks thet you will be to make nsome new awesome things with them
nit can be a new weapons or armor or even a new kinds of food


n-as i said in the mobs category you can make caves or make traps for then player or the monster thet will wait inside a realy strong mob or even nin the end of the caves a chest just like a dungeons wich reminds me a nspawner of a nether's monsters could make the living in the nether more nfun
n-you also need to make some places with diamonds and water and obsidiansn and let the players randomly once a 5-6 new maps start in the netehr nand make them survive or escape by searching water diamons and nobisidians
n-you can make something called like the "last nether" or bater name it njust a thing the poped in my head anyway i mean you can find obsidian inn the normal world and go to the nether but it will be more intresting nand challenging if you will be able to find some blocks in the nether nthet takes you to a scarier places


n-its not a unique idie of mine but you can make some smart npcs thet cann fight and survive in the nether and even add some commands thet we can ngive them like "folow me" or "escape" "go to sleep" and etc


n-its like you can make thet after 10-15 times we pass threw the portal you will nget stocked becuse of bug in the midle which will be a stranger and even nharder world with mobs from the nether and the ragular night


n-you can make robots thet will atak mosters around ur home and you will need to give it coal and arrows for it
n-holes - like a huge hole in the ground like there is sometimes in the nmultyplayer (multyplayer bugs)thet if you get to the bottom you will getn some bunoses
n-pirates thet will move around the map and often atak you
n-stackable food its just annoying thet you have to waste and place in ur bag for evry porkchop
n-more normal world creaturesminecraft___the_nether_by_ludolik-dfsb

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Update #1 : by Tomer8009 09/27/2011 9:41:18 amSep 27th, 2011

awesome they listened to me :D

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12/19/2011 6:51 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Architect
shabubby's Avatar
The end is the hardest to get to
11/20/2011 3:43 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
BandwidthSlayer's Avatar
They just released in update to the nether in 1.0.0.
12/04/2011 7:18 am
Level 39 : Artisan Caveman
Tomer8009's Avatar
i have wrote it alot before the update
10/31/2011 4:02 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Musician
GuyFromEarth's Avatar
why you no spell right? why you put "n" in front of letters?
08/17/2011 11:14 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Hero
sed11's Avatar
its called slowsand O_o and npc villages are going to be added in minecraft beta 1.8 *though not in the nether*
08/13/2011 12:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Artist
firstrecon101's Avatar
spell it right so it makes sense