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If you have a problem, you help fix it.

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juicy_orange avatar juicy_orange
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pony
blogpostbyjopngHello PMC, today I'd like to talk about an issue that bothers me in different ways. Grammar.
I'm sure we all know people who use bad grammar, as well as people on the other side of the grammar... "line" (sorry that was terrible xD) - the grammar nazis. But today I would like to talk about both sides.
I myself talk in semi-good grammar. In my blogs I probably seem more formal and well grammared, but when you get to know me in chat and stuff, I don't always use the best of grammar :3, however, I know people who constantly use good grammar (*cough*kiwi*cough*), and I know people who don't use the best grammar at all times. I want to ask you, is grammar everything?
I used to be a grammar nazi, but then I took 9 words to the knee (lolwut). I said to one of my friends "Couldn't you use commas, your sentences really confuse me D:." A few minutes later in skype, she explained why. "I never learned proper grammer in school i dont even know if its spelled grammar or grammer dont judge come on i mean scavy just taught me how to do your and you're"
I never knew this and I have to say, it really did make me feel bad. She then went on to say:
"pfft if you have a problem o:< you help fix it"
This phrase really made me think. From the moment I saw this, I haven't been nearly as harsh about bad grammar.
What I want this blog to teach you grammar nazis is that if you have a problem with someone's grammar, you help fix it. Don't just comment "you're* your* I'm*" etc. Tell them how to use grammar. Tell them what things mean, as opposed to putting them down by commenting on bad grammar.
On my latest art, someone commented about how they could "probably do better". Smanrt then stood up for me saying how it was just a different style to how I usually do and he liked it. Said grammar troll went on about how "bad art was a style, just like bad grammar is a style he doesn't understand". This made me quite angry, as not only was he saying my art was bad and not giving any constructive comments on how to make it better, but he was insulting one of my friends about his bad grammar. One thing I can't stand is people being horrible to my friends, and it is not always someone's fault if they have bad grammar. Some people don't get taught grammar in school and/or don't understand it. If you have a problem, you help fix it.
Thank you for reading this blog, I know it was a bit random but it was a subject I felt I just had to get out. I will leave you with this message: If you have a problem with someone's grammar, don't just correct it and move on, help fix it.
P.S. Kiwi is my best friend and she wuvs grammar :3
CreditTrexinfiniti for being an amazing friend c:

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12/06/2012 2:14 am
Level 26 : Expert Unicorn
Betty bacon
Betty bacon avatar
Yay! Grammar Nazi's unite!
10/25/2012 11:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Cake
Epileptictechno avatar
Grammical Nazi salute.

Yeah, Nazi is with a capital "N" because it's a group. :)
10/03/2012 7:19 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pegasus
DasDuriel avatar
>make post about grammar
>dont have any break's
10/03/2012 10:15 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pony
juicy_orange avatar
Apostrophes are used to show possession or as a shortening for "x is". For example, if the cat belonging to Jeff ate, it would be "Jeff's cat ate," the apostrophe showing possession. Another example: if jeff is buying food, you could say "Jeff's buying food," the apostrophe acting as a shortening for "Jeff is." Apostrophes are never used for making things plural.
10/25/2012 11:13 am
Level 26 : Expert Cake
Epileptictechno avatar
True. Duriel, gg.
10/03/2012 1:39 am
Level 42 : Master Elf
min3craftkill3r avatar
And btw didn't oliverfrenchie write a huge blog about always using good grammar?
10/03/2012 1:37 am
Level 42 : Master Elf
min3craftkill3r avatar
You just dropped the grammatic bomb on the grammatical Hiroshima... Thanks for ending grammar war 2!
10/02/2012 6:44 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Blockhead
PoopyButtMagoo avatar
10/02/2012 5:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Lad
a-b avatar
Thanks for the insightful blog! :D
I'm still a grammar Nazi though... I don't rage at people like scary grammar troll you mentioned... O_o I understand that people have their own problems. As you so wonderfully pointed out, learn it yourself! :D
10/02/2012 5:12 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Skinner
solemnote avatar
UGH! The title says "Grammer"....ITS "GRAMMAR"!
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