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If you're bored on MineCraft...

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lauren121902 avatar lauren121902
Level 34 : Artisan Dolphin
If You're Bored In Minecraft

1. Kill A Creeper with your hand and don't let it explode

2. Play hardcore and try not to break a Single Grass Block

3. Try and Build a Castle out of sand and no sandstone, epic sand castle :)

4. Go in creative, build a pixel art of your most recent ex, and blow it up

5. Go into a cave on hard mode and don't come out until you find diamonds (or die)

7. Notice I Skipped 6

8. Hug a Creeper

9. Try and make a circle

10. Get a mod that lets you make a circle

11. Get the trampoline Mod and make a trampoline up to a base made of diamond blocks

12. Make at least a whole book (in minecraft) without using the letter E

13. Notice I skipped 12

14. Realize I actualy didn't skip 12

15. Do Gangnam Style

16. Download a texture pack that is really ugly and play with it

17. Go to Google Translate and type stuff in, paste it in a chat box, now you speak Spanish :D

18. Turtles

19. Make a minecraft lets play

20. Play on a multiplayer server for 3 hours straight

21. Spawn Alot of Zombies ( Playing4fun )

22. Stare at an enderman and don't die ( Playing4fun )

23. Act like you're in Walking dead ( Playing4fun )

24. stalk HeroBrine ( Playing4fun )

25. Make a Skin without using blue or green or purple :D

26. Listen to the song TNT by captainparklez and blow the most bottom world on your singleplayer list up :D

27. Build a Giant castle, fill it with mobs, fly to the top, and type /gamemode 2 ( Playing4Fun )

28. Eat nothing but spider eyes

29. build a mob grinder, switch to survival, and hop into it

30. Go on multiplayer, dye a leather shirt white, drink invisible potion, put on the shirt and a skull :D trololololololo

31. Make a texture pack without using yellow

32. Heal a zombie villager

33. Watch PyroPuncher's whole lets play from the beginning, good luck with that :)

34. Pandas

35. Read alot of shading tutorials and do the techniques on top of eachother :D

36. Make a kitty cat skin

37. Build a castle then blow it up

38. Craft a cake (monkeykyle30918)

39. Make rainbow candyland!

40. Pretend your a vampire, go on a server, and kill everyone. Then rage because you didn't get no blood!

41. Pretend your a monkey and try to find bananas!

42. Make the bikini bottom underwater, no, you can't surround it with glass

43. Make one of these blogs!

44. Pretend its christmas and go on all your servers and give everyone stuff (Merry Christmas)

45. Do the Harlem Shake!

47. Make a thanksgiving feast!

48. Blow up a statue of anyone you hate!

49. Notice I skipped 46.

50. Download texture packs from the first version your played, then the one of the next version, so on, and play with the first one first on your list, and the later the versions, the lower on your list, boom! Mixed freakin' texture pack!

51. Capture a charged creeper and put him in a fishtank (nepew0_new)

If you have anything Else I will be happy to include it, type in the comments and I'll add in what you wrote, and I'll make sure to give credit to you :)

Edit: I think you guys made this my most popular blog, thankyou!!!!!!!
CreditPlaying4fun, monkeykyle30918, nepew0_new

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05/29/2014 9:54 pm
Level 42 : Master Batman
Craftable Danny
Craftable Danny avatar
Like the blog!
05/30/2014 7:35 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Dolphin
lauren121902 avatar
Thank you, it really wasn't that hard to make because I put random ideas, maybe you can make one xD
05/30/2014 8:21 pm
Level 42 : Master Batman
Craftable Danny
Craftable Danny avatar
XD btw thanks for the subscribe!  :)
06/07/2014 1:10 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Dolphin
lauren121902 avatar
Good content=Subscribe, don't thank me
06/07/2014 3:16 pm
Level 42 : Master Batman
Craftable Danny
Craftable Danny avatar
:) :D
11/26/2013 11:48 am
Level 39 : Artisan Scribe
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11/24/2013 9:56 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
nepew0_new avatar
Capture a charged creeper and put him in a fish tank XD
11/25/2013 5:25 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Dolphin
lauren121902 avatar
Added it
03/06/2013 7:40 pm
Level 28 : Expert Herobrine
Icywater2000 avatar
oh btw, do

-Make a house out of only diamond blocks and ore

-Play the sparta remix and go on a rampage in a Mob Arena

-Spam random stuff in single player for no reason

-Squish a silverfish

-Use MCEdit to put a minecart on the ender dragon and ride it into the sunset

-Spam /kill in single player

-Build a mansion with silverfish spawner blocks and blow it up

-Kill the silverfish with damaging potionsÃ

-Get the XP

-Notice your lagging and crash MC

-Rage and explodeÃ

:P (EDIT) woah... huge comment... XD oops
04/22/2013 7:14 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
KaitlinStaples avatar
by the looks of it...you dont like silverfish
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