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IHasFins Tutorials - Complete Guide to PMCSkin3D Player Poses! (Intermediate - Pro)

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Level 45 : Master Lad
If you've used PMCSkin3D for a while, you've probably spent forever in Creative Mode, customizing skins, mob skins and the like.
But what if there was another way to use PMCSkin3D?Here's a guide to use one of PMCSkin3D's most overlooked and most underestimated features.

Finding Pose Mode:
When you open up PMCSkin3D, by default you see Creative Mode in all its glory.
IHasFins Tutorials - Complete Guide to PMCSkin3D Player Poses! (Intermediate - Pro)

Although, there's a little button beneath the PMCSkin3D logo...
IHasFins Tutorials - Complete Guide to PMCSkin3D Player Poses! (Intermediate - Pro)
Click on the human and what happens?

*gasp* What happened to PMCSkin3D? It's completely remodeled!My friend, you have encountered the great Pose Mode. Now I shall show you how to wield it...
IHasFins Tutorials - Complete Guide to PMCSkin3D Player Poses! (Intermediate - Pro)

Creating Poses:
The first thing you notice in Pose Mode are the little player buttons. They are presets of the poses. By default you should have 9, but I have added a tenth one. I'll show you how to do that now.

Hovering over the window where your skin is, you'll notice little colored arrows marking the joints. These are pivot points, and they can be used to modify the pose of the player.

Above is one of the pivot points in the arm. The arrow isn't an edit, it's the default pivot point appearance when you hover over a joint or nearby it.
Below are the two other types of pivot points on that same joint. They mark as x, y and z (not in order).

Play around pulling and pivoting the model, and see what you create. I have something special in mind, hehe...

Saving & Exporting your Pose:
Anyone recognize this? Yeah, it's the classic ninja-running pose! That's definitely a keeper. But wait...how do I keep it?
I'm gonna show you that now.

When you're satisfied with your pose, head back over to the presets area and click on the button with the '+'.

Now your pose is safe in - WHAT?! 'Pose #11'? This is a disgrace to ninja-kind! I must change this!

It's up to you to rename the pose and save our legacy! Click the 'Pose Actions' button (the three dots) and click 'Rename Selected'.

Now change the name to whatever you'd like. I'm gonna type 'Ninja Run Pose (IHasFins)'. I reccomend you include your name/username as well, just to make sure you get credit.

HIt 'enter' to save the pose name.

There we go! But what if you want it saved somewhere else? It's time to retrieve the code! Click 'Pose Actions' again and click 'Export pose...'

A web dialogue should show up telling you the code. Copy the code (you could use Ctrl+C) and hit OK. If you use Leaf Browser, the dialogue should look like this...

You can paste the code somewhere safe or share it for others to use it later. But how do they use it? Just scroll down, man. Scroll doown...

Importing/Opening Poses:
Opening 'Pose Actions' (again), you will see an 'Import Pose' button. Click on it. A dialogue will show up again, in which you can paste your code. After you've pasted it (Ctrl+V) hit OK.

There! Now you have the pose loaded!

Congrats! You're done with the tutorial!

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CreditPMC's developers for adding such cool features.

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09/23/2020 9:51 am
Level 95 : Overlord Cake
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Nice tutorial!
09/23/2020 9:55 am
Level 45 : Master Lad
IHasFins avatar
*gasps* PMC - ok, Fins, stop hyperventilating - hehe...thanks.
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