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Illegal villager madness at spawn on the PMC SMP

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Eventlesstew avatar Eventlesstew
Level 34 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
So cyber found a glitch where you can get regular villager eggs and owul also knew how to do it, apparently cyber didnt abuse this but owul has a TON of villager eggs and from what I can tell, he mighta gone crazy with the eggs.

They are all named which is one thing that proves that they were spawned illegally cos the glitch gives you renamed villager eggs and from what i can tell, this may break the server.

If you want me to tell u how the glitch works, just be a mod, I want this patched to avoid further damage to the economy system on the server.

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03/10/2021 2:12 pm
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Tgw Creeper
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02/10/2021 1:25 am
Level 42 : Master Lego Builder
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You should PM this to Cyprezz or Paril.
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