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Imperatoria: The City Lost to the Waves

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[The Still Water]
Over the millennia, water has always existed. The clear liquid every living being associates with life itself. Even in the untouched depths, greyscale aquatic beings depend
upon it. This tale is set on the ocean's surface, in the center of a fresh new world. The Aquatic Empire, Imperatoria. It was an ancient city, with towering sea-blue marble
columns supporting a gargantuan marble plate. Yet another group of pillars held up the centerpiece; a pool in a ring shape, with waterfalls pouring down to create a
thin wet layer atop the main plaza. A grand settlement was laid out here. There were homes of stone brick, with comfortably tall observation towers leading off of them,
with enough space for the inhabitants.

The Imperatorians may have resembled ancient mythological nymphs or merpeople, but they were far from such. They had no
tail, but had evolved to have a tough scale armor. Their eyes were void, save for small white pupils in the navy sclera. Even from the sparse isles around the settlement,
they could be seen gazing in wonder over the horizon. In the central building, which could be noted as much taller than the others, held the ruler of this land. His name
was Alphoam, often named the "Phantom King" due to his chilling nocturnal behavior. During the nightfall, he would make his rounds, his beard and eyes glowing a
bright white to battle the dark around him. He was never proved to be bitter, nor friendly, as none worked up the courage to speak to him. His scribes delivered orders
from him while refusing to speak of his personality.

Truly, despite the mysteries surrounding the monarch, Imperatoria was a near paradise. However, no good thing can last forever. The citizens recieved word from a
scout of theirs that the Overworld's resources were diminishing. The entity, named "the Player," was chopping every tree, cutting every stone, trying to build a castle
in the sky while making animals and other creatures abandoned.

[The Ancient Evil]
Knowing their city would be discovered before too long, the Phantom King hatched a plan, or so his scribes told. Despite age-old warnings, instructions were
given haphazardly to each denizen. They mined deep into the crust of the world, until they gathered what they needed. They constructed a portal in the city, and
lit it ablaze, the fire swirling to become an aubergine light. The bravest of the city leapt into the new world, coming back in ghastly states of sickness and dry skin.
However, even with such chaos engulfing the greatest of their tribe, the Imperatorians had to continue the task at hand.

Before long, they created a small tower of sand, etched with the souls of the forgotten. It was short, and a bit triangular save for any slopes. Carefully, they placed
three ashen skulls in position on top. Immediately, the deed took effect. The sand melted into an iron-grade skeleton the color of an empty night sky. The skulls
positioned themselves as the crevices lit up with a destructive light. The abomination let out a pained cry as it began vibrating.

Unfortunately, before any of the citizens could figure out the next move of the creature, it let out a roar to contradict it's cry. A pale glow appeared around it, before
the glow strengthened and grew into a disastrous explosion. This tumbling cloud of dust left nothing in it's wake but the empty shell of the civillization. All the soldiers,
and the great king, and all the citizens had been blown into oblivion. They became mere inkstains and blotches in the margins of ancient books. Only a precious few
somehow remained alive, but even they shortly died due to a devastating poison the creature gave off. With not one soul left to control the beast, it dealt more damage
by lobbing copies of it's own skulls at the pillars. The entire city plaza fell below the crashing waves. Imperatoria was wiped off the map.

[The Wrath]
A monster with near infinite power had been summoned into the world. It's foolish creators could not comprehend it's first actions, and had all perished. In a state
of uncontrolled fury, it took down an entire civilization, leaving very few memories of what the events looked like. With it's first blind goal achieved, the beast flew off
towards the main Overworld. The Player soon met with it, unable to fight it. Many more of the Player's kind would appear, each becoming more peaceful or intelligent
before being eventually obliterated by this monstrous enemy. Eventually, years ago, a wise Player was able to banish it, depriving it of resources before it finally
grew dormant. It had been reverted to the materials out of which it was created, and these were dumped into the underworld dimension from which they came.

It seemed like nothing could be remembered of Imperatoria, and ages passed. At some point, Players were able to get their hands on powerful enough weaponry they
could revive and kill the enemy as they pleased. Due to it's methods and underlings, it was named "the Witherboss" or just Wither for short. Historian Players eventually
found relics of the city's existence.

[The Aftermath]
Drenched books, empty space, and random clutter were all to be found once Players stumbled upon the ruins of the city. They found a few corpses that time had left
mostly untouched, helping to paint the picture of the glorious society. Now, all that is left is memories, and whatever treasure hadn't fallen to the Wither. As for what
became of the king, only one scribe's journal could clue in historians on anything;

"Over the central tower, I could've sworn I saw the Phantom's light rising from the ashes. For a moment it assumed the shape of a huge, obscene manta, and then the wind
seemed to catch it, to tear it and shred it like old dark paper. It fragmented, was caught in a fit of smoke, and a moment later it was gone over the horizon as if it was never there."

Ever since this passage was discovered, players claimed that whenever they found themselves in an insomnia fit, they caught glimpses of a manta ray creature floating
towards them.

(Final Quote inspired by Stephen King, "The Shining")
CreditStephen King (Inspired Quote)

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This sound so incredible.
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