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In The End (Part One)

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Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
One day an explorer named Steve was exploring a stronghold. He put the last enter pearl in the place it needed to be, the portal. He watched as the portal sparked to life. Then he checked his inventory and jumped in.

Steve put on his pumpkin head quickly. No enderman would attack him if he looked at them. His main goal was to get the famous elytra wings. But to do that he needed to get to End City. And to do that he had to kill the elder dragon.

Steve charged into action. He took out his enchanted bow and shot several arrows into the ended crystals that healed the dragon. He finished off the last one. Then it was time to kill the dragon.

He ran to the dragon with his enchanted iron sword. He had used all his diamonds on an enchantment table. He ran over and hit it rapidly with the sword. A few minutes later, it was down to half its original health. Then it whipped its giant head around and hit Steve square in the pixely chest. The impact flung him across the map and into the dark void. With some quick thinking, Steve built a dirt platform to avoid falling to his death.

Steve finally climbed to the surface. He was hurt, but barely. Suddenly a shape soared out of the sky. Steve knew it was the dragon so he hit it hard. The figure collapsed on the end stone. Steve figured out it was no dragon. It was Alex and she was badly injured. “Healing Potion!” She choked out. Steve threw one to her and she gulped it down. “Alright,” she said, climbing to her blocky feat. “Let’s kill that dragon.”

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11/30/2019 11:27 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
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