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Password Awareness

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avatar iheartbellatrix
Level 31 : Artisan Pirate

You know why I'm here.

You see the big, bold banner at the top of Planet Minecraft? If you don't, you're probably viewing this blog post after the banner was taken away. If you do, then good. You know exactly why I'm here and why I'm posting some blog about password awareness and why you need to be aware.

To sum it up, recently Planet Minecraft was in a very bad conflict. Passwords were being stolen and accounts were being hacked. The owner of this wonderful Minecraft fan site decided we should become aware of the potential dangers ahead of us. All users are now required to reset their passwords.

If you're like me, you went ahead and thought of a new, better password for the future. If you're not like me, you used the same password as before and went back to whatever you usually do on this website. And that, my friends, is exactly what the owner of Planet Minecraft didn't want us to do.

So why should I?

Why should you what? Protect your account from being hacked? Keep all of the content you've posted on your account from being deleted forever? Make sure that your works won't be stolen and plagiarized by a stranger you don't know?

Unfortunately, passwords can be the key to a stranger's success, and that's why you need to protect it. That stranger could be a criminal from the dark side or your worst nemesis. If you have the same password for everything, that stranger can now log into every account you own that they know the username to.

Once the stranger breaks into your account(s), they can take all of the content and data you have kept on the account and delete it for good. (But I have backups!) So what if you have backups? What if some of your computer data gets unknowingly wiped while it's performing an update or a system repair? What if your friend goes on your laptop and deletes them to be funny? You can never be too careful.

And if they can delete your content, they can most likely save it as well. With the saved data, they are capable of plagiarizing and pretending to be the creator of your work! They can pass around your content saying that it's theirs, and you won't have any proof that it was yours in the first place because it was deleted.

It's a chain reaction.

Once that stranger gets their hands on your password, anything can happen. Anything and everything could happen, and you won't be able to stop it. Of course, you can report them or tell your parents, but if they find it, they can do whatever they want to taunt you, play games with you, make you upset, and/or ruin your reputation on the internet forever.

So do the smart thing! Go to your account settings right now. Click away and change your password. Make sure it's decently long, has at least one number in it, and that you can remember it. Keep your content safe, keep yourself safe, and make a potential future become an impossible path!

Brought to you by Infini Garde

P.S. To all of my Infini Garde members and Planet Minecraft subscribers, I'm incredibly sorry that I haven't posted in quite a while! I took a break that was a little too long, but now I'm back - hopefully for good. I just need to get my A-game back on and I'll be heading full speed! I'll see you all very soon.

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