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avatar brick4sheep
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
The idea of this article is quite simple, for you to get inspired so here you go.

doesn't matter how many times you fail it matters how many times you
get up and continue fighting for what you believe in weather it be
for the smallest of things like a toy you want at a store or
something great like become an inspirational speaker no matter what
you must keep trying no matter how hard things are its human to want
to give up but its also human to never give up until the task your
appointed with is done and as long as you keep this up no one stop
you no one can touch you no one can lead you astray from the path to
victory so keep fighting no matter how much it hurts no matter how
much you fail just keep trying you cant fail forever the more you try
the more you will succeed but only if you keep trying you must not
give up this world isn't fair you must put all of you heart and soul
into everything you do we only have a little bit of time on this
earth so lets make it worth while so get off you butt and get out
there and you something great no do something amazing!

you find life to hard don't worry your not the only one but you can
do something about it only the strong survive and anyone can be
strong If they only try hard enough no matter how many times you fail
you get back up twice the times you fall down you strike out get two
home runs you get fat work off the fat until your a whole new person
doing these things will not only improve you but it will improve
yourself as a person as a human being on this planet I don't care how
many times you fail I care how many times you get up again.

I hope you got inspired :) -brick P.S. if the text or anything is messed up sorry i used open office to write it :)

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