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Inspiration: How to Get it

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avatar Foxtails13
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
I often have trouble finding inspiration for my buildings in Minecraft, and I know I'm not the only one. (Sam Smith quote! See? Well, you'll see later.) So today I'm going to tell you how to to get inspiration for your Minecraft builds.

1. Start a new world. Often making a new world will give you a new landscape to work with. A lot of times when I start a new world, I'll fly around a little, find a nice cozy spot, and start building.

2. Go with your environment. Don't build a giant tower home made of hardened clay in the forest. In the forest, build something forestey. I don't know, a magic tower of life in the forest. Giant demon camp in the nether.

3. Don't be afraid to copy a bit. My favorite youtuber is MumboJumbo and in my survival world I tried to build his HermitCraft Season 4 base and it ended up being a spaceship. Though if you do end up with something that you can tell that you copied, well think of that as your base. Add more stuff. Replace blocks.

4. Just think of one of your craziest dreams. Honestly, do I need to even explain this one? Just pick a scene and go with it.

5. Go with the nearest holiday. Build a turkey for Thanksgiving. Giant tree for Christmas. (A bit like the one up there?)

6. Prank somebody. If you're playing on multiplayer and you have a friend who can take a joke, prank them. My brother once just put a bunch of pressure plates (without the TNT!) around his friend's house and the friend freaked out. Just make sure it's not like you blow anything up. And if you remove a few blocks, put them in a chest in the friend's base. You want to keep the friend right? P.S. leave a sign with a joke about the prank and your name on it.

That's all I have for to say for today! Hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration! Bye and don't forget to block out!

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