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Inspiration quotes for you

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avatar arKanSMC
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
"Key of succes only one,
But i don't know where i place it"
"Succes its not journey,
But i don't know what kind of succes"
"If you lose (lol) you can try again,
and tell me it's good or not"
"This live like wheel,
can go up, go down, can deflated"
"This life like diamond,
so you just tea bro"
"The hard thing is,

you try to help them but still you're a bad one"
"If you want to change different,
just start from OURself"
"I'm not special,
I'm just demo e dition"
"Never let your fear,
decide to your past"
"Its going to hard,
i need golden pick"
"if you have revenge to people,
just play it"
"if you want to cry,

just cry it and you get bullied"

i will updated when get some inspiration

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