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Installing IntelliJ Idea with Chocolatey

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Hey, it's Tommy.

JetBrains and all their product downloads have been broken for months to years.
I recently got IntelliJ (an outdated version from 2018), to download with a package-manager called Chocolatey.

How to download Choco (Chocolatey)?

https://chocolatey.org/install is the link for the Chocolatey download.
They have a tutorial on their website to install it! You must have windows, though.

How to install IntelliJ?

So, after you have it installed, run this command from an elevated command prompt. (Run As Administrator).
choco install intellijidea -y
Easy! Wait for the installation to finish. If it does request a selection for agreeing to run the install script, just type Y and press the enter key on your keyboard.

This is an outdated version, but it works just as well (maybe even better) than the newer versions of IntelliJ Idea. So check on your desktop, and there will probably be a shortcut for IntelliJ Idea.

Bye! :)
CreditChocolatey Software and JetBrains

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