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Interesting facts about Minecraft

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Interesting facts about Minecraft

Fact 1.
Created by the hands of a single person, Minecraft has become the most popular computer game in history. Only about 180 million copies were officially sold, and this despite the fact that the vast majority of gamers prefer to download the game from torrent trackers and not pay a dime. In addition, Minecraft was quite officially free for a long time, until its author decided that he had a real gold mine in his hands. Now only the “classic” version of the game is free, devoid of more modern modifications.

Fact 2. Inside Minecraft, you can implement entire computer programs, or, for example, build a really working computer processor. Individual craftsmen even wrote programs from redstone blocks in languages ​​such as Forth or Lua. Everything here is limited only by the imagination and knowledge of the gamer.

Fact 3. In older versions of Minecraft (up to 1.8), at a distance of 12 million blocks from the player's point of appearance, there were the so-called Far lands, in which the laws of in-game physics began to fail due to logical errors. A hike to the Far Lands on foot would require about 1 month of real time, and one player (his YouTube channel - Kurtjmac) decided to get there with his feet, simultaneously filming his hike on video. In three years, he passed a little less than 1.5 million blocks, but soon the border of the Far Lands was pushed even further, at a distance of 30 million blocks, and then an invisible barrier was simply installed at this point that could not be overcome.

Fact 4. Minecraft has become the most expensive indie project in the history of the gaming industry. Created by Marcus Persson himself and subsequently published by the small company he founded, it was eventually sold to Microsoft for an impressive $ 2.5 billion.

Fact 5. Invisible blocks of bedrock, which cannot be broken, are called “adminium” among Minecraft fans. They called it from so because the administrators of many servers began to build prisons from it, where the guilty players were placed. It was impossible to get out of such a prison on your own, and you had to create another character, starting all over again.

Fact 6. Over the years, Minecraft has acquired a huge number of mods. This is partly due to its simplicity, and partly because it is easily decompiled by special programs, presenting itself to curious programmers in the form of thousands of lines of code. And experienced programmer will always find a way to make their own changes.

Fact 7. Due to the peculiarities of the game mechanics, liquids in early versions of Minecraft behave strangely. As a result, two buckets of water poured into the free space will expand almost indefinitely as long as there is space. However, this feature has long been fixed in more recent versions of the game.

Fact 8. One of the Minecraft worlds was originally supposed to be called “Hell”, that is, simply “Hell”. But Persson decided that such a name might cause the wrong associations in some players, and, in order not to offend anyone's feelings, even by accident, called it simply "Nether".

Fact 9. In 2016, a special edition of Minecraft Education Edition was released, designed for educational institutions. It is actually used to teach students a variety of things, from traditional academic disciplines to visual arts and poetry.

Fact 10. Daniel Rosenfeld, the creator of the soundtrack for Minecraft, worked on the music completely freely. When Markus Persson asked him to do the soundtrack, it was agreed that Rosenfeld would work on his own, without any specific assignment. As a result, he created the soundtrack under his own impression of Minecraft and showed Persson the finished result.

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I've found an error with Fact 3: the Far Lands only generate up to version BETA 1.8, not the actual release 1.8. I think you should point that one out.
Fact 7: What do you mean RECENT versions of game? this bug was fixed in like the alpha days of the game.
Fact 10: Daniel Rosenfeld is nicked by C418. Calling him his real name is not an error, but I think you should point out that its C418, for some players that dont know him, for example: Daniel Rosenfeld, (C418) the creator of the soundtrack for Minecraft....
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