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One addition I would very much like to see is the addition of wallpapers to minecraft. In real life, a wallpaper can cover a wall to change its appearance. It would work the same way in minecraft. Wallpaper could be created from any block by stacking 3 blocks in the 3x3 grid in one column. It would look like this:
| | | X |
| | | X |

This crafting recipe would give the player 12 pieces of wallpaper (3 blocks x 4 sides = 12)

Wallpaper would work similar to paintings, 1 piece would change the appearance of 1 side of a block to that of the wallpaper. This way If you wanted your house to have a brick exterior, but orange wool interior you wouldn't have to make the walls 2 blocks thick. Putting multiple pieces of wallpaper together would allow an entire wall to be redecorated very easily.

Paintings, item frames etc can still be placed on the wallpaper because it doesn't register as an entity separate from the block it is placed on. It literally redecorates a side of the block, where paintings and item frames do not.

Wallpaper can not be placed on glass though, because in real life one cannot staple paper onto glass, however curtains could be made but that is a different beast entirely.

The wallpaper could also be extended to flooring as well. This way 1st floor roofs and 2nd story floors don't neccesarily have to be the same block either, or have space in between to compensate. No crafting recipe would be required, just place the wallpaper on the ground instead.

1 important thing to mention: Blocks that have a different top face than their side faces cannot be made into wallpapers. (grass, jukeboxes, there are very few.) This would be because they already have versions that are the same on all 6 sides (noteblock, dirt)

Wallpaper can also retexture half slabs as well, allowing for greater customization.

~Half slab rework~

With this new idea, a half slab of wood can be stacked with a half slab of stone, leading to greater freedom with design. No crafting required, just a simple coding change. When the new half and half block is destroyed both slabs are removed and the player receives them back individually. In creative mode, when the middle mouse button (acquire block) is clicked on a half and half block, the block the cursor is actually on is given to the player instead of a half and half block. (unless popular demand requests half and half blocks be able to be placed from inventory, but due to the sheer amount of variety this would be unefficient and would clutter the selection screen.

~ Furniture ~

Instead of placing upside-down pistons, or fences with wood pressure plates on top, actual tables should be added. They would be crafted by placing 2 fences in the outer edges of the bottom row of the crafting grid, with wooden half slabs in all 3 spots of the second row, and the top row empty. 1 table would be created that is 2x2x2 table would be created that can be placed. Items could be placed on top of the table (flowerpots, other blocks, etc)

Chairs would be crafted very similarly to tables with a slight difference. The recipe would use the same 2 wooden blocks. Fence would fill the left column, the middle column from the bottom up would be fence and wood slab. the right column would be empty. The recipe could be mirrored allowing 2 different methods of crafting. The chair would take up 1 square length and width, but would be 2 spaces tall. When right clicked, the player would climb into the chair and face forward. The players vision could be moved like in real life, but the player is prevented from looking any farther than 90 degrees in any direction. Any input on the wasd keys would cause the player to leave the chair.
Important features that the chair allows:
-Eating and drinking can be done while sitting.
-The player can drop blocks from inventory, as well as craft new things, but cannot place any blocks while sitting.
-The player can write in a diary, and publish it while sitting
-The player can chat while sitting by pressing "t" (different from sleeping where the chat is automatically brought up)
-The player can be harmed while sitting (skeletons, zombies etc)
-The 4 different colors/textures of wood would create 4 different chairs, with different designs on the headrests
-Placing 2 chairs side by side would result in 2 chairs, they would NOT combine to make a couch.
-A chair will have the seat facing the direction the player is facing when placed.
The following designs are suggestions. A pallette swap with no difference in design per wood is also acceptable.
-default wood would be a norse/celtic design
-beige wood would be a very square modern design
-dark wood would be a quaint country design (think traditional rocking chair design)
-jungle wood would create a chair adorned with leaves and other jungle features-very tribal

Not so much a new idea as a slight adjustment to an existing one-when 2 beds are placed side by side they should combine to create a queen/king sized one, that allows 2 people to sleep in it. Also if a bed is placed on top of another bed, they combine to become bunk beds with a ladder for decoration.

A few random ideas, more for customization and fun than anything else, would be easels and blank canvas paintings.

~~~Easels. They would be made by placing 2 sticks in the bottom left and right corners of a 3x3 grid, and placing 1 stick in the middle and top middle respectively. An easel would face the player when placed, and could be placed diagonally facing, like signs. When a painting is placed on the easel it becomes a blank canvas.

~~~Paintbrushes would be made by placing a stick with string on top of it (to be replaced with horsetail when horses are introduced, we all know they will be eventually). A paintbrush is required for painting on a blank canvas. By using dyes to color the paintbrush (drag the dye into the 2x2 grid with the paintbrush to select color, the dye will then be returned to the inventory(unconsumed) along with a colored paintbrush.)
By right clicking on a blank canvas a painting canopy will cover the screen allowing players to paint there own unique pictures and paintings, by using the mouse to brush stroke. White paint would be the eraser.
Also, an option will exist to automatically paint the players FoV. When pushed, the HUD and all text disappears off the screen, and a white box outline would designate the scenery to be painted. The only HUD buttons would be "finish" and "cancel". This would allow for amazing scenery to be made into in game paintings as well. (to clarify, if one was to set up an easel on an ocean cliff and hit the scenery button, the painting would become a view of the ocean. The FoV would be from in front of the easel so that wouldn't be in the picture)
Another button would be on the canopy allowing players to select a design from the default game paintings (donkey kong, skeleton guy etc), that would allow the player to paint that design automatically instead. This would eliminate all the time standing in front of a wall picking up and deleting paintings until the right one is finally put up.

~Painting adjustments. To allow for the previous idea to work, the painting placement and item system would need to be altered. When a painting is placed on a wall, if it has not been painted on an easel it will place a blank white canvas. All paintings must be painted on an easel in order to have content.
Blank canvases would be stackable, and default paintings with the same design would be as well. Each design/unique painting would take up its own inventory slot however.
Default paintings, and scenery paintings do not require any dye to paint because that would be really complicated to sort out and craft. Player drawn paintings would, however the dye would never be consumed.

But hobbies shouldn't extend only to art and fashion! More hobbies could be created as well to make Minecraft less of a survival and mining oriented game, but more of a lifestyle game. Hobbies like- music (this would work similar to Mabinogi's instrument/composition system, but less difficult to figure out), bowling, hangliding, etc etc. (scuba diving FTW)

Well, that's about all I can think of without throwing out so many ideas that I lose the main topic. The most important of all the ideas is painting and wallpaper, furniture is not as important atm. Thanks for reading and stuff. And if someone creates a mod inspired by this please acknowledge me as the inspiration :)
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