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Internet Identities - Hiding Behind a Username

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Greytopher avatar Greytopher
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Hi guys, Greytopher here with another blog. I know I haven't written in a while, and it's partially because I recently got moderator on chat and have been busy, and also because I haven't gotten any ideas recently. Through talking with a friend of mine (dingousa), I've finally persuaded him to let me use this idea, that being internet identities. In this blog, I will discuss the pros and cons of hiding behind the mask of the internet. Hope you all enjoy and check out dingousa's page!

The Trolling Begins?

"What do you think of your online self? Are you energetic, frantic, responsible, trollish, or silly? In any case, most people act differently online than in real life. It's nothing to be ashamed about: it's simply the way the internet works on you. You see, while online, you generally lose some inhibitions you have in real life, such as manners and shyness. Maybe you are very shy in real life, but while online you feel like you can put yourself out more. The loss of manners causes trollers and flamers to take advantage of their anonymity to start flame wars and make rude remarks to people."-Dingousa

In response to Dingousa, I can totally agree to what he has said. In my own words, when you first join the internet, it's quite a strange place. You've heard of websites, maybe don't know how to get to them, but you're cautious what to do at first. After a while of getting the hang of things, sometimes you'll get the idea in your head "what if I said I was a different age then I really am?" or among other things like that.

To me, that's when the trolling begins. I personally find that most 'trollers' of a certain degree are little children looking for a good laugh. Most of their views on trolling (in my opinion) is based around bullying other kids. If anything, it's verbal abuse. In a case like Minecraft, griefing could be considered trolling to some extent. The main problem in Minecraft though, is that verbal bullying can take a great toll on people who can't handle it. It's hard for some to see that someone's hurt since you're only reading text, but the best way to not get someone's feelings hurt is to not do it at all. It's stupid and pointless, and only builds a bad reputation over your new "internet life".

Starting on the internet and making a new identity for yourself can go two ways: you can either A) change yourself completely from the views of others and be that one 'cool kid' or B) become the kid everyone hates because of what you did. The smaller the community you're involved in, the more you'll be shunned for whatever you do.More than likely, you'll use the same username for everything you do. People depending on your popularity will become a stalker-ish fan or a deep hearted hater. Be careful of both, though...

The New Life...

Starting out new is pretty good, too. I think when we first started playing Minecraft multiplayer, it was a bit different from your average game. You had to help dig, mine, hunt, and build with others in order to survive. Right off the bat, your classified into someone who's greedy for their own things, or willing to help out with whatever project you have. For me, I classified myself to not even bother with survival since I suck at it, and kept to making nice looking homes as a way of art.

Through my time on PMC and Minecraft, I've turned out to make quite a name for myself. As well as seeing my good friends prosper on this website, it makes you wonder how they really are in real life. I myself wouldn't be able to go infront of people and recite my blogs to them, I would never have the guts to talk to any of my subscribers either. It's a weird thought to think: why am I successful when I'm behind a machine, rather then when I talk to actual people I'm almost a failure in doing so?

That's almost to easy to answer. This machine can basically deflect any emotions that can be shown. If we're embarrassed about what we said, so what? Make a new account and a new name for yourself and start over (if you're doing that for PMC, don't do that. Against the rules, nub). Either way, it's hard to tell what a person can really be like. In the internet world, you can literally be all talk and still not get penalized for it. I could tell you I'm 6 feet and 7 inches, with super muscles, or something like that, and you would never know.

That's the joy of the internet, it's always such a mystery considering you can't really ever trust anyone out there... and that's the fear of the internet aswell. People pose as others all the time, and it's too easy to be caught a victim by someone who's impersonating someone good when really they're someone that's bad. You've got to learn fast not to get caught in something like that, or else bad things may come for your future... maybe you should ask Manti T'eo. *cough cough if you don't know who that is and you're an American, you should probably look it up on the internet cough cough*

After a couple days, it feels good to write again.



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03/19/2013 6:28 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
mr_marc avatar
Nice blog Grey x)
03/11/2013 3:46 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Zaleph avatar
And the Manti Teo scenario was just....nasty.
I mean, at least it wasn't some forty year old guy tricking some young minor or something, but it's still freaky. Alot of kids place too much trust in people behind the screens, and the excuse parents use for not teaching their kids internet safety is "Oh, my kid is too smart for that."
Honestly, the thought just scares me....
ANYWAY. I digress...

You nailed that topic right on the head. ;D
Nice job man.
03/10/2013 1:58 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Blacksmith
fuge90 avatar
80th Diamond!
Amazing blog :D
03/10/2013 1:59 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher avatar
Thanks ;D
03/03/2013 12:53 am
Level 23 : Expert Network
deltoraquestgirl avatar
I'm hiding behind something....................................
great blog xD
02/22/2013 7:42 pm
Level 47 : Master Princess
Whoever01 avatar
I like it all, the one thing I don't like is the bit with little kids. It is not necessarily them, and what they can do is what everybody can, but the blog overall was awesome!
02/03/2013 7:06 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Narwhal
Senil888 avatar
Shut up and take my diamonds!

Great blog, and is very true. There will be some who abuse it, some who don't care, and some who use it. Personally, I don't care.
01/28/2013 7:07 am
Level 41 : Master uwu
Woodstockk avatar
Im shy irl
First day when i moved school i probably looked like stalker to my fried that went tothe school i went to
Ive only ever skypped 3 times with ppl idk irl and that was because they were chatting to my friends and i didnt wanna make them feel bad and leave saying 'idk u, so go away'
The internet IS scary at first, but as time passes u get used to it,
Howeverit amazes me how many trollers r justlittle kids
01/26/2013 8:58 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
QuartzMiner13 avatar
I know who Manti is- he is ____ you get the picture. 70th diamond :D
01/26/2013 1:46 pm
Level 20 : Expert Dragonborn
Unknownity avatar
what if someone hacked youre account in an game and poeple are hating you for no reason and you didnt did nothing.that happend to me an hacker hacked my account i didnt knew till i looked that my money was gone.
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