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Interview Party - Server Lounge at 11:00 AM!

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avatar Starlight Glimmer
Level 46 : Master Pony
Welcome to another...interviewS? That's right, I interviewed 3 people at the same time, same room, so I put it all into one post! Hope you enjoy!

First interviewee: Smack17

Jam Or Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter

How did you find this site?

I was told by someone that this place exists.

Where did your name come from?

My brother calls me variations of my real life name, and smack stuck with me. The number just sounded good with the word smack, so I picked that one.

What is your profession/goal profession?

Software Engineer.

What is your least favourite post you have made to the site?

Probably my lolwut pear skin submission .

Do you like Lemonade or Iced Tea?

Well preferably i would have lemon iced tea, but if i had to pick one of the two, i would go lemonade.

What got you into making music?

My whole family is rather musical. my dad plays trombone, my mom sings, one of my brothers is going to be a music teacher, my oldest brother is the vocalist of a metal band, and i play saxophone, piano, i sing, play ocarina, and i have perfect pitch, lol

Second interviewee: xodivinityxo

What made you decide to open a server?

What made me decide to open a server is I paid $250.00 for ranks and keys just to be treated like **** on a server. If I'm going to invest in a server, might as well be mine.

Do you like Lemonade or Chocolate?


How did you find the site?

From a friend.

What do you do other than go on the site/play video games?

Build and I love to help others.

What is the worst thing you have ever posted(forum/submission) on any site?

I've not posted anything bad YET.

Third interviewee: ArenaSnow

Where did your name come from?

Pulled it as a combo from skyblock arenas and the hunger games char snow.Pres snow + a special skyblock arena that was the only one I really liked = ArenaSnow

What is your profession?

Cyber security.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these interview, and smack those diamond,fave, and subscribe buttons if you did!

CreditArenaSnow, smack17, xodivinityxo.

3 replies

05/06/2016 3:49 pm
Level 45 : Master Wizard
Prince Oceanus
Whoa! Since when did you get to Lv30?? Congrats!
05/06/2016 3:51 pm
Level 46 : Master Pony
Starlight Glimmer
Thanks! I guess it just happened while I was away:)

How've ya been, Oceanus?
05/06/2016 4:09 pm
Level 45 : Master Wizard
Prince Oceanus
I've been pretty well, actually. Been pumping out Skins like nobody's business since spring break, haha.

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