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Interview with: Asunaa, Creator of the Make More Smile Project

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avatar intertwined
Level 37 : Artisan Network
I am so honored to have gotten to interview the lovely Asunaa about her Make More Smile project. So, here it is!

1. Who or what inspired you to make the project?

Actually it's kind of my mother who inspired me. She is always kind and positive. And I guess I just it's just because i'm sensitive. I feel bad for people real easily.

2. Do you have any further plans for it?

Further plans.. Hmmm... I think it's okay how it is now to be honest. ^.^

3. What would you do if the project really picked up steam?

If it did I'd I guess I'd just be happy. I think everyone is worthy of making amazing art and I think others on here should embrace that. Were all like a family who should love each other. ^.^

4. How long have you thought about making it?
Well I know once my project gets less popular it'll stop. But even if I'm alone I'll try to continue it on.

5. Lastly, would you ever consider taking this project off the internet and spreading it in your irl community?
....... Well my school is sort of full of people who aren't nice to me because I'm either too "snobby" or sensitive. But actually at school I do hang out with lonely students. Like I said.. I feel bad for people real easily. But if I could do this irl I would just I'm also shy irl so it's hard to speak up and spread the message. >_<


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