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Interview with: Kacers ∫ø∫ødhana∫ø∫ø

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avatar dhanasukhi
Level 22 : Expert Toast
Hello there :3 so today im back with an interview with the one and only KACERS. so lets just get to the questions

1.How did you find minecraft and PMC?
Minecraft. My friends and I played Pocket Edition at school and we would hide it under our desk so our teacher couldn't see. xD So basically my friends introduced me. And one day I decided to mess around on youtube so I searched for some Minecraft videos. I eventually learned that there is Minecraft for computer and it was fun! It kinda stuck to me and I loved it a lot. I was such a noob when I first joined, it wasn't even funny. I dug into a mine and I freaked out for like 30 minutes because I thought I found something weird.. So while I was fooling around on Minecraft I saw someone wearing this GORGEOUS skin. So I got on Minecraftskins.com and started fooling around on the editor making silly things that were horrible! xD So I got to the point where I actually wanted to make real skins. I manned up. Or womanned up.. Idk. But eventually I discovered Agapl on there and we posted skins for a while. She inspired me. Eventually she closed her account and went to Planet Minecraft. And I had no clue whatsoever what PMC was. I made myself an account and I fooled around. I posted random skins. Never thinking I would be good. And it actually turned into something I do on a daily basis.

2.How did you came up with ideas for skins?
I never really came up with ideas to be honest. I just got on the editor and started screwing around with colors and it eventually evolved into something. I still use that method somehow.. I still never really have a motive for making a skin unless it's a Persona or something. I love personas. So usually I make Angel personas. That's pretty much the only thing that is planned! xD I know, I'm such a bad skinner. c: Also I would just be playing on a server and see something I like. So I would make a skin with the idea. But that rarely happened because I'm picky.. but somehow with my immature pickyness I manage to make a skin. Which takes a long time believe it or not... c: xD

3.Who inspired you to make skins?
I never really had any inspiration to make skins. I was young at the time and I didn't understand how it works. So I basically started making them myself. There were many people that kept me going when I wanted to quit I admit. I went through many struggles and Minecraftskins.com. People would steal my work and leave hate comments and it really popped my bubble. I understood that the same thing was happening to my friends on there, and they supported me and kept me going. Believe me, I wanted to quit more than once, and for some reason I never did quit. I loved skin making, but I didn't love that people took my work and told me I sucked. That got really old. So I looked up to the better people on the website. Especially Agapl, MayaCookieGirl, NzBabyWonka, and many more. {Sorry if I didn't say your name} But they really helped me. And like I said ^ when Agapl moved to Planet Minecraft it inspired me to come here and try it out. When I met a bunch of awesome people here, I forgot about the hate and they inspired me to keep going. Those inspirations being : Donutz_and_Creamz, Aquatta, Endercat, KittySlippers, etc.

4.How long does it take to make 1 skin?
Depending if it's just a random skin, persona, or request. Random skins take me about 2 hours, maybe 2 1/2 if I'm using 1.8+. Like I said, I just randomly make it. So that's probably why it takes me a really long time. And then when I finish it I may not like it so it takes more time for me to edit the bits. A persona is planned, and I want it to look beautiful. I spend maybe 3 hours on them. I edit the crap out of them until they are the way I want it. xD Requests, take me about an hour and half because it's planned and I know what I'm going to do haha. :)

5.Do you get hate messages? (o-o )
I used to get a lot of hate messages, but now not so much. Occasionally I get a douche message here and there. Doesn't really bother me any more. I got a lot of hate at Minecraftskins.com. "w0w Karcers, you suck!" "Dang, my grandma can do better than that." "whatanoob." "haha just delete it plx." That also made me want to quit skinning back when I first started. xD I didn't expect to be hated on nearly as much as I was. I eventually grew through it because I get hate at school too. So I'm pretty much immune to it now since I've heard so much of it. Especially the jealous people at my school. c: It's just a thing of the past. I learned to ignore it and not let it get to me. Because I know I'm not any of those things. c:

6.Who would you like to subscribe to you?
It'd really make my flipping day if Sugarbun subbed me. c:

A HUGE THANKZ TO Kacers (i wuv u ;-;)
CreditPacers, nova skin

01/01/2015 11:09 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
Awww :)
01/01/2015 9:41 pm
Level 49 : Master Lego Builder

Diamond and favorite for you!
01/02/2015 4:16 am
Level 22 : Expert Toast
thx :D
01/02/2015 1:51 pm
Level 49 : Master Lego Builder
No problem ;)
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