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Interview with: Konan_chanx ∫ø∫øDhana∫ø∫ø

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So today im interviewing....KONAN_CHANX!!! link below :3(way below).
So imma start now!

(why purple and blue? why not? :p)

Why did you start making FAB skins?

Well when I first started playing minecraft me and my sister found we couldn't find skins for some of the really obscure anime characters we liked! I searched around until I stumbled across Paril's skin making tool and I said to my sister that I would learn to use the tool to make skins c: and now voila! That's why sometimes I make the most random of characters xD as me and my sister love so many ^-^!!!

so i heard you like vocaloid ;3 who is your Fav vocaloid?

This is a HARD question because (despite my profile) I am actually torn very strongly between Miku and GUMI xDD So I guess my favorite collaboration from them would be the song 'Matryoshka' c: but Miku will probably always be my favourite deep deep down ^^

who inspired you to make skins? (ONLY 3 PLZ :3)

Well Meggles is a definite name I would mention here- as I simply love her style and all the skins that she makes! They're all very detailed and consitantly so- which I love! Felinka is also an inspiration as her use of colour is amazing! The first skinner I discovered though was NeFt c: and they definetely made me first start to think 'hey, I wanna make skins too!'

so...this is a question from my sister.....(she is a fan of your skins) why dont you do requests?

well when I DID take requests I became OVERLOADED by how many I recieved and it started to take the fun out of skinning D: I then found a solution to this though, and so now every week a put a poll on my profile where people can vote for what I make next/ or make a suggestion for next weeks poll! If a skin doesn't win they I simply carry it over to next weeks poll c: If your sister would like, she can use this poll to make her suggestions known to me! ^o^

how did you dicover minecraft?

Well I am quite a game fan so I had heard about minecraft for a very long time- just I had never really looked into it until a year ago. For Christmas my family got an iPad and I actually downloaded the Pocket Edition before I considered investing in a version for the PC. My sister and I loved it straight away and have been addicted to it ever since (even though we still aren't so great at it! ^^")

who would you want to sub to you? (in PMC or not idc)

I would LOVE if any of my inspirations followed me x'D and I was delighted when NeFt requested I make my Asuna skin originally (yey c:)

why did you choose "Konan_Chanx" for your PMC username?

OH AHAHAHA (I regret this so much but I also hate my minecraft username xDDD) Well... it was my pen name for my comedy fanfiction ^^" (yeah I know WHAT a weirdo???) xD other than that I originally loved Konan from Naruto- the purple/blue haired member of the Akatsuki as her jutsu was PAPER ^o^ like how cool is that!? And that's why I chose the name to be honest!!! c:

how long does it take to make 1 skin?

If I'm playing minecraft at the same time it can take up to a few days xD and sometimes I leave and then come back to a design. If I hardcore make one without stopping (usually to VOCALOID music xD) then most skins take me roughly an hour! So I'm not as fast as other skinners xDD that's why I got so behind on requests ^^

A BIG THANKS TO Konan_chanx
CreditKonan_chanx for the skin and the answers

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Thank you so much for interviewing me! (I love the blogs picture!!!) c:
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np :3
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