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Interview with Lukatura+

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Level 50 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
Today I interviewed Lukatura+.   Make sure to go and check out their profile! :D

Lukatura's Page

1. What is your favorite Minecraft mob, and why?

I was between enderman and pig, but after playing Minecraft Story Mode I love pigs most.

2. How did you get into Minecraft?

My cousin was playing it and I liked it and tried it, too.

3. What is your favorite starter Pokemon, and why?

Mudkip, cause they are so cute!

4. What are some PMC projects (not just builds) that really impressed you?

mmm... I think... The Dropper.

5. What is your favorite Minecraft gamemode, and why? (Survival, Adventure, Creative, or Spectator)

Survival is the best in my opinion if you want to have a fun. Creative is for building and I dont like adventure cause you might lost your everything on your death.

6. Who is your favorite Gem from Steven Universe?

Lapis, she's so cute and powerful.

7. What is a hobby that you have, that isn’t related to Minecraft, or anything digital-y?

Maybe, playing basketball xD (idk have a lot of hobbies)

8. How do you get inspired to make skins, and how do you decide what characters to make skins of?

I've been inspired by Master G and I am making skins from games or cartoon that I like (or sometimes that people like, or just my fantasy)

9. How much time do you spend per week, on average, creating things to post on PMC?

Idk maybe 5 hours. Its not much but I can do a lot in that time (and I am building something big for now and more like 10 hours)

10. What is your playstyle in TF2?  

Sniper or Scout

Thanks for reading, and make sure to go check out Lukatura's page!

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