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Interview With Merida_the_Brave (Sixth Interview)

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avatar SuperLuigi77
Level 44 : Master Mage
Sixth Interview with me relative, Merida_the_Brave. Check Her Out!!
Interviews are open again. YEA!!

Her answer are going to be in Blue.
Mine are in Green.

What is yer favorite season. And Why?
My favorite season is Winter because there is snow, family and friends come over, and Christmas comes around. (My
favorite Holiday.)

What do ye like doing on yer spare time?
Wow, hard question ..um.. I like to practice archery, read nice book by the fireplace and watch a movie.

Choose Between Two Characters.
Green Arrow or Hawkeye.
Why are you doing this...fine. I choose Green Arrow.

Yer Harry Potter please. And tell why?
Gryffindor. Because I'm honest, brave at heart and daring. (Plus I took the test with you, Logan.. you Slytherin half Gryffindor.)

What is your favorite movies?
Disney Lady and the Tramp, Pixar Brave and How to Train Your Dragon.

Favorite Drink?
Caramel Ice Latte.

If ye choose a place to visit, where will it be?
That will be Paris, France. Hands Down.

Choose Fox or Horse.

Favorite Mythical Creature.
Oooo. That will be a Phoenix.

Fantasy Forest, Mighty Mountains, or Castle in the Middle of a Lake?
Fantasy Forest.

Given a choose between Left or Right in a fort in the road. What path would ye choose?

Favorite Music type?
Classical remixes and nice & catchy beats.

Favorite Nintendo Characters. (Three if ye like.)
Rosalina, Kirby and Zelda.

Favorite Park to Visit?

Rate me interview. 1-10
10. I love it.

This avatar that I made for her.
Requests are open still, if you want one.



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This is cool
Thank ye me cousin!.

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