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Interview with SKSpajdalfSKS 2014

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avatar skspajdalfsks
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Interview / questions with fans / another builders (copied and translated from Twitter 20.12.2014.)

Today is very special for me , maybe for you , I found one "master" with nick SKSpajdalfSKS . Believe or not , he made first football MC stadium in scale 1:1 , builded many another stadiums , at the near last amazing railway and now preparing huge builds pack for builders with editing program "MC Edit" .
So , Im very very glad , that you agreed this interview . I have some questions about you and your projects , future and more .
The first question is : You are bulding for 4 years .. how many projects do you did ?

About 50-60 ? but some project were really crap :o)  ... really good projects about 10-15 

The first was ?

ohhhh ..  I don't remember my begining .. It was MC version 1.2.5. ?! Really I don't know..

Which your project you think , was the most favourited ?

In 2011 I start building giant stadium .. in this time weren't programs as MC Edit , MC painter etc. .. So huge stadium was really rare , all block were mined .. Mining was sooo boring . But stadium was perfect in that times .. I think that was really favourited in the last .

You build only yourself , or .. ?

Yes , I never cooperated with anyone .

Why ?

I like mine architectute :o)

Let's talk about present , You finished your railway "KV-JG" last month . When you get this idea and why ?

In the last , I really want build something originaly , something large , something realistic ... and I love trains . In the past cca 2011-2012 Traincraft don't exist . I built that railway for minecart .. it was terrible at the beginning .. 

But today railway looks really cool ! What about texture pack ? It's your own ?

Yea , now yes . Two years back a had some another pack , but now i have own .

Lots of people asking about version . Why is the map only for 1.6.4. ?

Because mods , some mods are only for 1.6.4.  . 

Ok , back to railway : you released patch "tourist patch" . It is a finally version for this world ?

From part .. yes . They are some little bugs and mistakes but in the future I fix them .

Do you plan another railway ?

Yes , it will be longer and faster . Releasing i planning on 2016 .

It's a very long time ...

It's true , but high quality needs more time .

What about traincraft ? In one tweet was write , that you are dissatisfied with autors .

Rather disappointed . I made some great train models in techne but they "werent" good because models werent wellknown - models were form east europe . And new tracks .. they are bad .. really .

So ?

I testing another train mods ... for now , I still using Traincraft . But no for longer times

Ok . I saw last days , you uploading parts of giant pack for builders named SNRE ...  is there any context with the  new railway ?

Yes , this new railway will be the first "plastic" world in history of minecraft like a lego :o)

What do you mean ?

This world will be builded only by using schematics from SNRE . Naturally beyond terrain . All buldings , trees , roads will be prefabricated .

It will be very interesting . Now I will ask you about shaders , which you very criticize . Why ?

I don't criticize shaders mod , but some projects , which are popular only by using shaders .

I saw modern houses ....

Ohh yes ... build "modern house" in 5 minutes , do some screens with shaders , give it some special name and post the on PMC .. and fast popularity is on .. What a disgust .. hate it ..

But if shadered modern houses are popular ..

These guys arent good builders for me ...

How recognize really good builder in your opinion ?

I think , a really good builder constantly improving youself . 

Can you change style of building in Minecraft ?

No and I not want change it .

What do you really wish ,  that someone builded ?

A really good Railway !! I want competition and new inspiration .

I hope too :-) Ok last question is : What do you wish to all your fans ?

Patience :o) The most important thing is : life is so short .. so enjoy them in real world :o)

Thanks for your time and great interview .

Me too

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