Interview with The Ender Cousin: OFFICIAL Hydra Lore series

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avatar WaterHydra_
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Hydra: What's it like in the End?
Ender Cousin: Dark. Purple. Quiet. Unless someone's fighting the dragon.
Hydra: What do you do in the End?
Ender Cousin: Well, normally, I'm breaking up fights between The Endermites and The Endermen, but I also (much too often) have to tend to the Dragon after she loses a battle. Which happens a lot. Occasionally I visit the End cities, and sometimes take Elytra Flight classes there.
Hydra: Do you see much of other dimensions?
Ender Cousin: Not really much of The Overworld, but sometimes I go with the End School on field trips to the Warped Forests. Sometimes we see The Nether Cousin there.
Hydra: Do you have friends in the End?
Ender Cousin: Well, not best friends, but I'm friendly with the Endermen that live near me, and I have a weird relationship with the Dragon, but other than that, no.
Hydra: Anything else you'd like to tell the people (and Endermen) reading this?
Ender Cousin: Not any words, but here are some pictures.

See you later!
Hydra: And there, you have it, an interview with an End inhabitant! See you guys later, and maybe I'll do an Interview with the Nether Cousin if this gets enough support! Bye!
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