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Interview with thebudgie ♡

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Hello, and welcome to my interview with thebudgie! She is a very talented and versatile skin creator, who also just happens to love birds. ;)

My questions are in dark purple; her answers are in lavender.

F2U Purple Rose

1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?

1. I first started making Minecraft skins about a year ago, when I was looking for a skin to wear. I discovered the Skindex editor, and made my first skin (I didn't know anything about shading, so it's extremely horrible xD). After that, I decided to make a few more skins, and then I joined Skindex (I don't know why). I created a few good skins, and then created an account on PMC (this one). I took a break in the summer of that year, and started skinning again in the fall, but this time I had moved fully into PMC (Skindex was a little toxic at the time).

2. Do you have a persona? If so, what inspired you to create them?

2. I do have a persona, but I'm thinking of retiring her. I'm currently making a new persona (or three xD), based on my late birds (I'll post skins for them once I've completely got their designs down). Although I've mostly got their personality down, their designs are likely to change. When I make personas (this goes for my main ocs as well), I try to first think abouttheir personality - how would they act in a real life situation? Then, I design their appearance, and I try to incorporate things like certain colors they may like into them. This process takes a long time, and many of my ocs have changed drastically from a few years.

3. What is your favourite submission (that you have made)? Your favourite that someone else has made?

3. I've got a few favorite skins that I've made, and they can be seen on my portfolio, but my three all-time favorites (they all have dresses! what a coincidence!) are this skin which I made for this contest (I love the design and execution), this skin which I made for the Dark Depths contest (I love the colors), and this skin (again, the colors). I love other people's submissions, but some of my favorites are by various artists & inspirations, like Kawaii, mellieee_, Valkyrien_ (you xD), and wqtermxlon. Each of their skins seems to inspire me, so it would be hard to pick a favorite.

4. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment (either IRL or on PMC)?

4. Greatest accomplishment? I think that irl, there would be plenty (not very big stuff tho xD), and they would mostly be random things that I was proud of, like getting my first hole-in-one in golf (it was a short hole xD), or finishing that art project that took forever. In PMC, there are a lot of moments, for instance when I got 100+ diamonds on this skin, or when I got 200 subs.

5. What is your favourite feature on PMC? Your least favourite?

5. I love a lot of things about PMC, especially the skin editor (you can make HD and mob skins, but I really just love the tools), and the amazing people on the site. But sometimes it may be hard for me to find things, as the site is a little chaotic, and because of this it took me a quite a while to figure out things like how to make collections, etc.. This is just a pet peeve, but it doesn't get in the way of the things I want to do.

6. Do you have an inspiration (either for making skins or in real life)? If so, what do you like about them?

6. Inspirations. Wow, I've got a lot of them. In skin-making, it varies, but some major inspirations could be: Valkyrien_, mellieee_, Kawaii, wqtermxlon, Rhines, etc.. Irl, I am inspired by the various important people in my life: my friends, mentors, and family (sometimes).

7. What is one thing that you are very passionate about?

7. I could say I am very passionate about art and birds. I've loved art since a child, and want to improve in it, and I love watching and listening to birds. I used to own 3 budgies (at various times), and these pet birds definitely changed my life.

8. What advice would you give to a new PMC member?

8. I think that a new PMC member should be focused on reaching out to other skinners (please do not advertising yourself, but instead ask for tips and advice, etc.). It is important to make bonds, especially when you're first starting out. I think that a new member should also try to find out the about PMC itself, and all the tricks and tools that it provides. Try to join contests, etc.., and post content!

9. Do you have a current goal for your content? If so, what is it?

9. When I make content, I always try to make it look good. I'm always experimenting, because I don't want to stick to one style, and I want to find something that's right for me - which means each skin will look a little different. Ig that the current goal for my content would be to create something I like.

10. How would you describe yourself in three words?

10. I'd describe myself as wild, wimpy, and curious - like a young animal venturing in unknown land.

Lavender Rose (Meaning: Love At First Sight)

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Thank you again to thebudgie for joining us today! I hope you enjoyed our interview. :)

. . .

Interviews are posted each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Stay tuned for the next one, and I hope you have a wonderful day/night! ♥
Creditthebudgie- For being interviewed :)

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05/10/2021 8:44 pm
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Aww, this is really nice c:
05/11/2021 6:25 am
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WindGuideYouOn avatar
Thank you!
05/10/2021 3:56 pm
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thebudgie avatar
tysm for interviewing me! I enjoyed it very much! <3
05/10/2021 4:59 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Scribe
WindGuideYouOn avatar
It was my pleasure! I’m glad you liked it. :)
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