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Into The Game | The Minecraft Series | Book 1 Ashtyn

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 46 : Master Dolphin
A brand new Minecraft Series!!!
Note that I'm not 10 because it's Middle School I can't say I'm 14 can I?
I'll also try to make t longer next time
Chapter 1: Wow You're Tall
Ashtyn walked through the halls of Stonesword Middle School, she was a new student
She walked to the Reception Table "Can you tell me where's Classroom 26?"
"Second floor on the right" said the guy behind it without looking up from his newspaper
"Uh...thanks" said Ashtyn

As she was walking up the stairs, Ashtyn was so busy looking around she crashed into somebody going down the stairs carrying a stack of books
"Eep! Sorry!" the other boy shouted
"That's ok, I should probably be the one avoiding you" said Ashtyn as she bent down the help pick the books up "I'm Ashtyn, how about you?"
"Corner, but people call me Picture or Photo, since I have Photographic Memory" said Corner

Ashtyn stacked the books onto Corner's hands
"Thanks for helping" he said
"No problem" said Ashtyn
"You want to seat with me at lunch? I could show you around" said Corner
"See u later"

Ashtyn climbed up the stairs
Classroom 26 was just right next to the stairs
She opened the door and went in, they were a few students inside
"Uh...hi?" she said

Everyone stared at her
"Wow you're tall" said one of them
Ashtyn found her table and sat down, it was at the last row
"Hey, you" said the boy sitting next to her right "What's your name?"

"Ashtyn" she said
"I'm Rip, I prefer people to call me that" said Rip
"Ignore him" said the girl sitting on the left "He's actually one of the school bullies"
"I'm Lindsay" she said "My nickname is Lightspear, who knows why?"
"I'm Ashtyn" said Ashtyn
"Can I just call you Ash, it easier to pronounce" asked Lindsay
"Sure" said Ashtyn

After a while a few more students came/barged into the class
One of the girls has pointy ears
"Who's that" asked Ashtyn
"That's Sophie" answered Lindsay "We call her Elf, bullies tend to pick on her but she's nice"

The bell rang and the teacher came in
"Hello everyone" she said "I'm Mrs. Crompton for those who are new, and for the old students, welcome back!"
Almost everyone grumbled
"How about we ask the new students to introduce themselves shall we?" said Mrs. Crompton "Front to back"

One of the students at the front got up
"I'm Odin, I play Minecraft" he said
"Anything else besides that?" asked Mrs. Crompton
"No" he said glaring at her
"Uh...please sit down" said Mrs. Crompton

A boy at the second row got up
"I'm Kai, I'm 10" he said
"That's a bit young" said Mrs. Crompton "The minimum age here is 11"
"Skipped years" said Kai

Two girls at the third row got up from their seats
"I'm Emily" said one of them
"And I'm Emma" said the other one
"We're twins" they said in unison

Ashtyn got up
"I'm Ashtyn" she said "You can call me Ash, I'm a Scout"
"Wow you're tall" said somebody
"Please sit down" said Mrs. Crompton

"Hey, Ash" whispered Lindsay "You play Minecraft?"
"Yeah, why?" said Ashtyn
"You'll see, meet at the Science Lab after school"

Chapter 2: Blocks, Blocks, Blocks And Even More Blocks!
Time passed fast, Ashtyn walked to the Science Lab
Lindsay, Kai, Odin, Rip, Sophie and Corner were waiting there
"Whatsup?" said Rip
Corner nudged him

"Come in" said Lindsay
They went into the Science Lab, the Science Teacher was there
"New players?" he asked
"Yep, we're going to need all the help we can get to defeat the Pillager King"

"Wait, Pillager King?" asked Kai
"You'll see" said Corner rubbing his hands
The Science Teacher pressed a button under his desk and a secret passage opened up in the wall
"Wow!" said Odin

They followed the Science Teacher in to passage
"Amazing" said Kai "Based of Minecraft Pistons huh?"
"Yep" said the Science Teacher "I'm Mr. Mojang by the way"
"Mojang?" said Odin

They were soon out of the passage and in a small room
Mr. Mojang took some Goggles down from some pegs and gave one to each of them
"Put it on" said Lindsay
Everybody put their Goggles on and soon, they were standing in the blocky world of Minecraft
Mr. Mojang appeared a while later

"Virtual Reality?" shouted Kai "Cool!"
"Not just any Virtual Reality" said Mr. Mojang "This virtual reality is actually real, which means we transported your body the world of Minecraft. So if you get hurt, you'll feel it"
"The the pain you get will be divided by two" said Lindsay "So it won't hurt that much"
"And if you die?" said Rip "Who knows what will happen?"

"I told your parents that you have been chosen to help me complete a very important project so you can stay at school until 7:00 and it's only 4:21 now" said Mr. Mojang
"Yes!" said Odin

"Who's the Pillager King by the way?" asked Ashtyn
"The Pillager King is a AI entity, he not any normal Pillager, he's the Pillager King. This guy has been trying to destroy us since we joined this world but if he manages to destroy this world, Minecraft will never be the same again" said Mr. Mojang "I'll leave you guys now, but I'll watch over at the Science Lab"
"Bye" said Ashtyn

Suddenly, Kai flashed white and his skin changed "What?" he said as everybody stared at him "I was bored of the old skin"
Kai now was wearing a green shirt, gray jeans and a blue jacket with a Dolphin at the back
Odin flashed white too and he turned into a Loki Minecraft Skin
Ashtyn changed her Minecraft Skin too, she looked like an Archer

"Wait," said Corner "Where's Elf?"
"Elf?" said Odin
"Sophie" said Kai "The girl with pointy ears"
"Haven't seen her since the Science Lab" said Odin

"If I'm correct she was standing in between Ash and Kai" said Lindsay
"Are you sure? I didn't notice anyone besides Ash standing on my left since around 10 minutes ago" said Kai
"Kai's right" said Ashtyn
"Weird..." said Rip

Suddenly, Elf appeared
"Where were you?" asked Lindsay
"I went to close the passage" said Elf "We forgot to close it, and I got some bad news"
"What?" asked Odin

"One of the goggles was stolen"

Chapter 3: Powers!
The team was walking to their Base
"It's pretty cool, made out of Obsidian" said Rip "We have lots of those since we live next to a Lava Pool"
"Can I add a Powers mod?" asked Kai
"Sure" said Lindsay

"Already done" said Kai "Gave myself some Ocean Powers, Odin some Magic, Soph- sorry, Elf some Forest Powers, Rip some extreme strength, Corner some Crafting/Enchanting upgrades, Ash some Archery Powers and you the ability to morph"
Rip punched the ground causing a small earthquake "Cool, where you get the mods anyway?"
"I have a friend, he's a master at modding. He helped me make the mods" said Kai

"What do you think happened to the missing Goggle anyway?" said Corner
Odin shrugged
Ashtyn fidgeted
Sophie stared
Rip was punching a tree
Kai mumbled something
"Idk" said Lindsay

"What if it goes into the wrong hands?" said Corner
Rip stopped punching the tree, everybody was now looking at Corner
"Oh no" said Kai
"What?" asked Rip as he continued punching the tree
"I might know who did it"

Chapter 4: The Obsidian Keep
Everybody was gathered around the Round Table of the Obsidian Keep, their Base
"So you're saying that you saw a school bully peeking through the window as we went into the passage" said Lindsay
"Yes" said Kai "Possible chance that he took it, idk who was it"
"How did he look like?" asked Corner
"Spiky hair, in between Corner's and Ash's height*, has some serious muscles, pretty short neck"
(*Height Arrangement: Kai, Rip, Lindsay, Corner, Sophie, Ashtyn)

"I think that's the school bully leader, Marcus" said Corner
Sophie shivered "Wow it's getting cold"
"Well, I'm sweating" said Kai "Powers also have weaknesses, I take damage from dehydration"
"Why didn't you tell us that?!!!" shouted Lindsay "We can't remove any mods we installed!!!"

"Oops" said Kai "But don't worry, each person only has one weakness"
"What's mine?" asked Rip
"If your Hunger Bar reaches zero, you start to take extreme damage. Ash takes a lot of damage from a Sword. Each spell Odin casts takes out a bit of his health. Elf can't touch Lava or Fire or she'll die instantly. Lindsay has the weakness the mob she morphs into has. Corner doesn't have any" said Kai
"Good" said Corner

"Is it just me, or that you are turning blue" said Rip poking Kai
"Uh...gotta go" Kai got up and ran out of the room
"Maybe it is getting cold" said Lindsay
"Blizzard" said Ash looking out of the window

"The Lava Pool!" shouted Corner
Everybody ran out except Sophie who stared at the Lava Pool out of the window
The Lava Pool was steaming, half of it already turned into ice
Corner grabbed a Bucket and scooped some Lava

They ran back in and saw Kai and Elf walking towards them
"It's already 5:00 in the Real World" said Kai "Time passes fast"
"Grab a coat" said Lindsay opening a Chest and pulling out some Winter Coats "Unless you want to get frostbiten"
"Nah, watch this" said Kai

Kai stepped outside without a Winter Coat and he started turning icy blue
"Uh...Kai?" said Odin
"It's a part of the progress" said Kai
Kai's entire body had turned icy blue, so has his clothes. There was a puff of smoke as an Ice Golem appeared

"Tada" said the Ice Golem
Suddenly, an arrow appeared out of nowhere and hit Kai in the back
"Strays" he said plucking the arrow out from his back
"No" said Corner looking at the arrow "Ice Skeletons"

"Everybody in!" shouted Lindsay
Everyone went into the Obsidian Keep as Lindsay closed the Gates behind them, Kai turned back to normal
Corner lead them to the Weapon Room "Pick a Weapon"
"I have my own" said Kai drawing his Diamond Sword "Stronger than it looks"

Ashtyn picked a Bow, Odin picked a Magic Staff
"Corner, show Odin and Kai their rooms" said Lindsay "I'll bring Ash to hers"
As the boys walked in the opposite direction, Lindsay brought Ashtyn to the top floor
"Everybody sleeps at the fourth floor" said Lindsay "The fifth floor is Observation and Defending"

Each room has a sign hanging on the door with their names and decorations
"Here's yours" said Lindsay
Ashtyn's room's door had a Bow and an Arrow crossed to look like an X
Next to her room was somebody called Dan's room

"Who's Dan" asked Ashtyn
"Uh..." said Lindsay then she looked away
"He died didn't he?" asked Ashtyn
Lindsay didn't answer, she just walked away

Ashtyn went into her room, it was pretty big
It had a Small Sofa, a TV, a Table, some Wooden Chairs, some empty Shelves and a Coffee Table in the Living Room. A Fridge, some Cabinets filled with cooking utensils, an Oven and a Mini Microwave in the Kitchen. A Double-Sized Bed, a Bookshelf, a Desk, a Chair and a Weapon Shelf in the Bedroom.

Ashtyn noticed that there was a Window by the Wall and she walked over to it and looked out. The Blizzard hadn't died down yet, instead, it seemed even worse.
She closed the Curtains and turned on the Heater.
Ashtyn walked out of her room and noticed that Kai was on her right and Corner was on Kai's right.
Suddenly, Corner ran up the stairs "We need help, now! There's an Ice Pillager raid!"

Chapter 5: Pillagers To Vindicators To Evokers To Ravagers To Ice Pillagers To The Pillager King, How Could Things Get Any Worse?
Ashtyn grabbed her Bow and ran down followed by Odin and Rip who were in their rooms too
Lindsay, Sophie and Kai were already in front of the Obsidian Keep fighting
Lindsay twirled her Light Spear around in her hands deflecting Ice Arrows
Sophie fired Elven Arrows into the battlefield
Kai was on Ice Golem mode and was flinging Icevagers (Ice-Ravagers) into Ice Pillagers

Corner drew his Enchanted Iron Sword and killed an Ice Pillager in one slash
Rip lifted a Icevager and swung it around and tossed it
Odin hit an Ice Pillager with his Magic Staff but got hit by an Ice Arrow in the left shoulder
"Ow! That hurt!" he shouted

Odin started to move slower, due to the effects of the Ice Arrow
Ashtyn fired Arrows rapidly, every arrow hit it's target
Odin was hit by Ice Arrows until he froze into Ice, an Icevager was charging at him
But the Icevager suddenly collapsed and disappeared in a puff of smoke as Lindsay raised her Iron Golem fists and destroyed it

Kai was cracking, there were too many Ice Pillagers for him to handle
"Help!!!" he shouted
Corner fought his way to Kai and fought next to him, Kai handling the Icevagers and Corner handling the Ice Pillagers
Suddenly, Ashtyn went flying and landed in front of an Ice Pillager who shot Ice Arrows at her, she was hit by an Icevager

All the Pillagers around her collapsed in an instant, Sophie was shooting at them from a distance. But was hit by an Icevager since she had all her attention on her.
Odin unfroze and cast his first spell, a Fire Spell which washed onto Ashtyn to unfreeze her.
Faster than it started, all the Ice Pillagers and Icevagers were killed and the Blizzard stopped

Kai shifted back, he was stumbling around
"We got to get you guys to the Healing Centre" said Lindsay
Rip lifted the still frozen statue of Sophie and carried her in
Ashtyn leaned on Lindsay and walked in
Kai fell down in hit the ground face-first, Corner and Odin picked him up and carried him in

Chapter 6: Out Of Minecraft
They disconnected from Minecraft and walked back home, it also had effects on their real bodies. Since Kai was still stumbling around, Corner helped him walk back home since they lived near
Sophie and Odin didn't seem effected at all, but Ashtyn was still shivering

"Who's Dan?" Ashtyn asked Rip
"He was one of the team last time" said Rip "But he got captured by the Pillager King, maybe he's alive, maybe he's not"
"Rip!" shouted Lindsay
"What?" Rip shrugged

"He's also got a crush on Lindsay" whispered Rip later
"Really?" asked Ashtyn
"Trust me"

Ashtyn rode her bicycle back home, the first thing she noticed that her dad's car was gone. Which was weird, he should be back from work by now
And there were no lights on in the house, Ashtyn unlocked the door and walked in. Nobody was home
"Hello" said a voice behind her
Ashtyn twirled around but before she knew what happened, the world went black

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I just decided to read this and-

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ayo, this is nice can i collab??????
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Sorry, but I'm writing this myself, but I can make you a character
When I'm writing something else next time, I'll collaborate you
09/01/2022 4:23 am
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ok thx!
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