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Defeated | The Minecraft Series | Book 2 Lindsay

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Read the first book first!
Chapter 1: Mystery
"Okay, class, please turn to page fifty-four" said Mrs. Crompton
"English is so boring" grumbled Rip
"Do you have something to say, Rip?" asked Mrs. Crompton
"Uh...no" said Rip

After 1 hour of torture, the bell rang for lunch
"Hey, you guys seen Ash lately?" asked Lindsay
The Science Lab was closed for fixing so they couldn't log into Minecraft to play
"No, maybe she's sick?" said Corner
"The last time I saw her was last week when we were walking back home after that Ice Pillager raid" said Kai
"Maybe we should find her?" said Sophie

"Good idea, Elf. Meet at the entrance after school" said Lindsay
"I heard that the Science Lab is opening tomorrow" said Rip
"What's that sound?" asked Odin
Mr. Papazari, the school's cook, tripped over an orang juice while carrying a handful of trays. The trays fell onto the ground and made a loud sound

School passed slowly, when the bell rang, everyone ran out of the doors
"No running in the halls!" shouted Mrs. Crompton
When they finally reached the doors of the school, they grouped up together
"Anyone knows where does Ash live?" asked Corner

"Lindsay should know, she went the same route Ash took last time" said Rip
"She was on a bicycle, I was walking" said Lindsay
"Let's ask some people" said Kai
They walked down the route to Ashtyn's house and stopped at at bend
"Left or right?" asked Rip

"Let's ask that guy" said Corner walking towards a guy sitting on a bench reading a newspaper
"Hello, mister, do you know somebody called Ashtyn?" asked Corner
"How should I know? There's millions of Ashtyns in the world!" snapped the guy
"Oh, Ashtyn" said somebody behind them

It was a woman
"Ashtyn's mum and I are friends" she said
"Do you know where she lives?" asked Lindsay
"Turn left, then look for House 21 on the right" said the woman
"Oh, thanks" said Kai

They followed the instructions and stopped at a house
"She left the door opened" said Rip pointing at the opened door
They went in "Ashtyn! Hello!" shouted Corner
No reply

"Wow this place is sure messy" said Kai kicking at a piece of paper on the floor
The paper flipped and showed some words behind. Rip picked it up and read it
"Oh no" he said
"What?" asked Corner grabbing the paper
Corner's faced turned green as he read it. Lindsay peered over his shoulder

I've got your friend, log out forever if you want her.
Or else, she'll die.

"The Pillager King got her" said Lindsay softly

Chapter 2: Imposter In The School
"How is that even possible, the Pillager King is a digital entity!" shouted Corner
"Maybe the Goggles work backwards too" said Kai
"Somebody stole a Goggle, and gave it to the Pillager King
"Marcus" said Rip "I noticed while walking back home, he dropped his phone and screamed"

"The Pillager King must have hacked into his phone and told him to steal the Goggles" said Lindsay
"We should log in now, PK must be keeping Ash in Minecraft" said Kai
They ran to the Science Lab and went into the secret passage
"One of the Googles is gone" said Rip

"PK needs two to get both of them back to Minecraft" said Kai "Wait, you hear something?"
"There's nothing" said Odin
"There's somebody in this room!" shouted Sophie, her pointy ears twitching "I can hear their breathing"
Sophie walked slowly around the room and paused at the table, and nodded

Rip and Odin ran forward and grabbed somebody from under the table
It was Marcus
"Let me go!!" he shouted
"You" said Lindsay

Marcus tried to fling Rip but he was too strong, so he slammed Odin against Rip, causing Rip and Odin to let go
Kai launched himself at Marcus, but Marcus slammed him away. Corner used the distraction to tackle Marcus from behind
Marcus grabbed Corner and slammed him against the ground
Sophie grabbed Marcus and flung him all across the room

"Superhuman strength!" shouted Rip
"What do you want?" groaned Marcus
"Why were you in here, where's Ashtyn?" asked Rip grabbing Marcus's shoulder
"How should I know?" snapped Marcus
Corner looked at Lindsay
"PK blackmailed him" she said

Chapter 3: Definitely A BAD Idea, Lindsay
"Are you crazy!" shouted Kai "We barely handled the Ice Pillagers and you're expecting us to go after the Pillager King!"
"Yeah, why?" asked Lindsay
"I agree with Kai" said Odin "Almost everybody got hurt"
"I didn't join this team to do nothing" said Rip "I go with Lindsay"
"Maybe we need to prepare" said Corner "Maybe stay here for a few more days?"
"We need to prepare" said Sophie "We stand no chance against the Pillager King like this"
"Four against two, you win" grumbled Rip
"Okay" said Lindsay "But we're leaving by the end of the week"

Corner walked to the Potion Room and Kai and Rip walked to the Makey-Makey Room. Odin, Lindsay and Sophie walked to the Upgrades Room
Odin upgraded his Magic Staff so he would be able to cast more spells, Sophie upgraded her Elven Arrows to deal more damage and fly faster
Lindsay already upgraded her Light Spear to maximum level so she upgraded her Light Armor
Corner, Kai and Rip later came into the upgrades room
Rip showed his newly-made Iron Fists "These are cool!"

"Get everybody at the Round Table! Now!" shouted Corner
Everyone ran to the Meeting Room
Corner placed a Potion in the middle of the table
"This is the latest potion I made, it should wipe any entity off the face of Minecraft" he said

"Tested yet?" asked Lindsay
"Kai confirmed it" replied Corner
Kai placed some weird looking robotic Boots, Leggings, Chestplate and Helmet on the table
"This is the latest armor I made" he said "It reduces 25% damage, the Boots give you the power to jump from a high place and inflict no damage"
"Cool!" said Odin
"The Leggings make an explosion that deals no damage to you everything you jump" Kai continued "The Chestplate has rockets that enables you to fly and the Helmet glows in the dark and creates a forcefield when you're extremely hurt"

"Wow, who should wear it?" asked Lindsay
"I say Rip, the Armor should give him enough power to kill a Ravager in one punch" said Kai
"Rip it is!" said Corner
"Yes!" shouted Rip punching the air

"Anyone else who like to present something?" asked Lindsay
"I'm an Elf" said Sophie
"You're Elf yeah" said Rip
"No, I mean, I'm not human, I'm an Elf"

Chapter 4: If Elves Exist, Do Goblins and Trolls Exist?
"No wonder your ears were pointy!" exclaimed Lindsay
"Elves have enhanced hearing, strength, speed and eyesight" said Sophie "We are also immortal unless killed physically, I would also prefer if you called me Sophie"
"Sure, Sophie!" said Corner

"Do Goblins, Trolls, Gnomes and Giants exist?" asked Rip
"Yes, except for Giants" said Sophie "Goblins would be very big and loyal, Trolls would be also big but dirty, Gnomes are short little creatures that protects nature"
"Hmm..." said Kai "This gives me an idea for something new"

"Also, there are more than that, Pegasus, Unicorns, Griffins, Mutants also exist" said Sophie "Mutants are humans born with powers if you're wondering"
"Are they more?" asked Odin
"Millions" said Sophie "Also, some humans were born as fantasy creatures without knowing. So, Rip, you're a Monster"

"What!" shouted Rip
"You're under the Category: Monster but you are actually a monster called a Wreckball" said Sophie "And Kai-"
"Yeah!" shouted Kai "I know I'm a Sea Guardian! My entire family was one!"
"That explains why you're skin started turning blue last time" said Lindsay
"I use something to make my skin turn beach, I'm actually blue" said Kai


Chapter 5: Let's Test Out These Stuff
Rip gave the suit Kai made to Corner
They walked out of the gates of the Obsidian Keep
"Never!!!" shouted Lindsay
"Then die!" screamed an entire army of Illagers

"Charge!" shouted Lindsay
Sophie drew her Elven Bow which morphed into an Elven Sword and ran forward (Sophie not the Elven Sword)
Sophie threw some Iron Ingots at Rip "Eat these!"
"What? I can't eat Iron Ingots!" shouted Rip

"Just do it!" shouted back Sophie
Rip ate the ingots and slowly turned into a Monster with a Wreckball for a tail, blocky body, block legs, blocky spiky head and Wreckball hands
"ROOOOOAAR!!!" roared Rip
Corner was the fastest, since he had the suit, so he had to fight first. Corner threw Exploding Potions into the battlefield, but some arrows hit him

Sophie slashed her Elven Sword at a Pillager followed by a Stab and a Kick which finished the Pillager off
Rip swung his hands around smashing Pillagers and Ravagers dead
"Archer Towers!" shouted the Pillager Captain
Some Ravagers hauled three Archer Towers onto the battlefield

"Fire!" shouted the Pillager Captain
The Pillagers on the Archer Towers fired arrows at Rip, he was an easy target since he was so big
Kai made a wave that washed and drowned some Pillagers
Odin casted a Ice Spell which made Icicles appear around him impaling a few Illagers

Lindsay twirled her Light Spear around killing Illager after Illager
"Help, I can't see!" shouted Sophie
Sophie was swinging her Elven Sword at Illusioner duplicates, a Ravager was charging at her
Corner was surrounded, Rip was getting pelted by Arrows, Odin had other magic-wielders to deal with, Kai was struggling to fight some Evokers and Vexes, it was up to Lindsay.

Lindsay dived towards Sophie, using her Light Spear to deflect Arrows shot at her, but she was too far away
Suddenly, and entire volley of Arrows appeared in the Ravagers back and it disappeared in a puff of smoke
"Need some help?!" shouted Mr. Mojang firing Arrows into the battlefield with his Arrow Machine Gun
Sophie got unblinded and hit the Illusioner with her Elven Sword

"Release the Mutant Ravagers!" shouted the Pillager Captain
Five Mutant Ravagers ran forward and charged at Corner, Rip dived in front of him and took the hit
"NOOOOOO!!!!!" shouted Lindsay as Rip disappeared in a puff of smoke

Chapter 6: Defeat
Corner dived out of the way just in time and the Mutant Ravager ended hitting a wall of rock instead
Odin and made the rock wall which protected the Mutant Ravager from hitting the Obsidian Keep
Kai was on the Mutant Ravager's back in a second, he stabbed it with his Diamond Sword

Lindsay threw her Light Spear which finished the Mutant Ravager off, but there were four more left
"Muahahahaha!" laughed the Pillager Captain "You will never win!!!"
Suddenly, the Pillager Captain collapsed, Sophie hat shot him with an Elven Arrow
Without their Captain, no one was in control of the army now. The Illagers retreated

"Everything is going to be oka-" started Mr. Mojang
"Do you think everything is okay!" shouted Lindsay "We lost three members!"
"Poor Rip" said Kai sadly
"I'm done" said Lindsay

"What?" asked Corner
"I'm done with this entire thing" said Lindsay "We can't put anyone else in danger anymore"
"But you can't give up!" shouted Corner
"I can" said Lindsay "And I'm doing it now!"

Lindsay disconnected, so did Mr. Mojang

"Now what?" asked Kai
"I don't know" said Corner
"We just lost four members now" said Odin
"I might have an idea" said Sophie

"What?" asked Corner
"I know somebody who might want to help"

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R u serious? Another cliffhanger?!?!
09/02/2022 2:57 am
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is Sophie a KOTLC reference?
09/02/2022 5:10 am
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thought so
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