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Is Absolute Zero Possible?

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ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy
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what is absolute zero?

At zero kelvin, or negative 273 degrees Fahrenheit, the particles stop moving and all disorder disappears. Thus, nothing can be colder than absolute zero on the Kelvin scale, since everything is equal at no energy. But to understand this, you need to understand how energy transfer works.

so when you have a fever and put a cold wash cloth on your forehead to cool it down, the wash cloth eventually gets too warm, and you need to get another one. But what is going on here? Well, heat is made of kinetic energy. As molecules bounce around, they transfer energy when they hit each other. Once all energy is equal between two objects, its called equilibrium and the transfer stops. But since the wash cloth is smaller than your head, the equilibrium doesn’t do a ton until multiple times. Better turn that fan on! Say you made ramen, and get a big bowl for yourself, and your little brother wants some, but he can’t eat all of that! So you put it in a mug. It’s too hot so you put an ice cube in each one. The ice cubes have melted. You test yours, and its perfect! But your brother complains its too cold. You test it and he’s right! The ice cubes were the same size but the bowl and the mug weren’t. The transfer was the same, but the ice cube stole more of the total energy of the smaller unit compared to your larger unit.

so with that out of the way, it would be impossible to drain all energy from one area, as energy from around would transfer into it, and energy is not created or destroyed. Sure, it can reach equilibrium, causing the big freeze/heat death of the universe, but it can’t actually freeze to a point where energy is no longer. But that leaves an even bigger, more existential problem:

If energy is not created, how did the universe start? That is a question i cannot answer and neither can you, its far too complicated for us to comprehend.

art by me.

SOURCES: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/racing-toward-absolute-zero/

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08/13/2022 2:09 pmhistory
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Alksander avatar
Its more like WHEN no atoms are moving there is 0 kelvin not no atoms are moving where there is 0 kelvin
08/13/2022 2:11 pmhistory
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar
Very true, but even then, molecules can still vibrate and yet not touch each other. The thing that could cause such a paradox is more of a density issue.

we just can’t know for surez
08/13/2022 5:17 am
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TheCrypteral avatar
Except there are areas we have seen that are absolute nothingness, and until the entropy completes it does in fact have zero energy or matter.
08/13/2022 10:28 am
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ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar
The coldest temperature recorded ever was 1 kelvin
08/13/2022 2:49 am
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BookWyrm_ avatar
When the only explanation is that we can’t explain something, it likely means our understanding of the thing is flawed in some way, either due to not having enough information, or just through having come to a wrong conclusion.
08/13/2022 12:49 am
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Literal_Garbage_Robin avatar
Holy shit, we posting smart shit now? Why didn't anyone tell me
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