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Yes folks, it's coming, Frozen River v5 is finally going to be released!
I will have some hiatuses in the production of the V6, I will probably go on break
FROZEN RIVER V5 will come along with the Shaders Version, but you need to understand:
Shaders version is only for 1.18.30
If you want to play in another version, it might not work
And I will also make a map where I will show everything that will come or that has already been released and the history of the mod.
I hope you like it, when it releases, the trailer is available!Watch it!
If you watch the trailer, you'll know when you can get the mod.
This mod, as it will launch very quickly, we will not have Snapshots..... :(
Lie, we will have Snapshots yes, V.4.6.2 will be released today, and tomorrow it will be withdrawn for the launch of V5!
CreditCredits for Some stuff in the mod goes to the creators of Tynker, Nova Skin and the Planet Minecraft Community.

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D.A drainage basin is a large area of impermeable soil in which floodwaters collect and eventually evaporate rather than flowing into a river.
11/24/2022 5:21 pm
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