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Is it a bug? - Minecraft creepy pasta

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avatar Anxi
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
It Started Last week, I was playing minecraft. I made a new creative map called "Experimental" and turned the cheats on and it was working fine. I closed my minecraft and opened PMC to post some skins, I posted the skin. Then opened minecraft, I opened the world that i made and it worked perfectly fine. I walked around and I saw pressure plate and stepped on it. I've got teleported to a weird and straight way, and got blindness. My game mode turned into survival and I tried to type " /gamemode 1 " but cheats got turned off. I turned on the cheats in the map. I tried to walk and saw a girl with grey hair and red eyes near me! I tried to run back then a girl showed up. It was like a clone, i got burned and I died.

They next day, I tried to open the map again. I tried to respawn, and all of the grass block have a pressure plate on it. I accidentally stepped on a pressure plate, and got teleported at the same place where I died. Now Herobrine and the Girl showed up, going to me. I got burned again and lightning hit me, and my game crash! I twitted Jeb and he said "I fixed it 1 year ago, why does Herobrine and Veronica keep showing up" I ask him who is veronica. Jeb said "Veronica was Herobrine's girlfriend i don't know how did Herobrine added her to the game" They are pretty mysterious and now you temporarily can't play minecraft. If you continue to play the map, it will get more and more worst.

Mojang released the 1.7.4 version, i updated my minecraft so I can test the map. I twitted Jeb again and ask him " Is it fixed?" He said it was fixed. I tried to play the map and herobrine, veronica, and notch with red eyes. I twitted Jeb again " It's not fixed, now it became worst. Notch, Herobrine, and Veronica showed up." Jeb twitted me quickly " Oh no, its more powerful than I thought!" Jeb asked Notch, Jeb said "Why do they keep on showing up?!" and Notch said "I don't know, i didn't even added Veronica to the game." Notch tried to removed her but only Herobrine can removed her. "Now killing Herobrine was the only Solution!" Notch said... Jeb and Notch made the best armor made of bedrock and obsidian, it was a private version of minecraft. "Now to kill Herobrine, Veronica, and Black Notch!" Bedrock and obsidian sword was enough to kill Herobrine! "Wait where is Notch?" We tried to go to the map again, and found Notch. He was on survival and in a bedrock with one hole... We killed Veronica, but Herobrine raged. and crash our minecraft. Notch was still there. "It's not easy to defeat them" Jeb said, Black Notch and Herobrine tried to killed us. It didn't hurt us, Jeb and I hit them and half of their heart dissapeared. We can't even turn into survival, we hit them again and they DIED!!!
The map deleted itself and we one!! Herobrine, Veronica, and Black Notch is gone!


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Great story!! Keep up the good stories :D Diamond & Sub
  • Anxi
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Artist
  • December 24, 2014, 1:10 am
Thx XD

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