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Is there a mod that can cancle the mirrored body parts such as an HD skin mod???

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avatar zombiecartman
Level 27 : Expert Mage
I heard of this Mod called the HD skin mod when the oixels are 4 times smaller. And one day I wanted to make a skin of Ash(The Evil Dead) but he has a chain saw arm, and other versions of him have rags or bandages rapped around his hand along with one sleeve being torn off but the other being ripped a little but still intact and such...

So The point is, If there is a Anti-Body part mirror mod out there could you plese tell me because that would be very very very helpful...

05/20/2012 1:50 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Pony
The arms and legs are mirrored on the original MC. (In a nutshell, there is only one arm and leg secone on the Skin file.)
And if there WAS a mod for it, all skins would need to be remade.
05/22/2012 3:01 pm
Level 27 : Expert Mage
Thanks for letting me know!

I would'nt mind remakeing a skin for a mod but saddly I have no clue where I can find the mod!

plus I kinda thought that posting this was pointless because the more and more I think of it! it just seems impossible to create a mod like this, I don't know why it just feels that way... :l
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