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ItsNotBit is uncontrol now......

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BitNotPretending avatar BitNotPretending
Level 33 : Artisan Nether Knight
Owh Helo. Today i just fight with two boys and their mom at playground.

Reason: yeah that two kid just take other people toys like their own toys.....

I told them to give back but they refuse. They told their mother. I just tell the truth but the their mom let their kid win. I mean by back up what they do....

Here i messed up... I just called she as a karen. Then we fight mouth. We yelling each other. I know what i do is rude. But to me it is nothing, human is still human and bad is still bad nothing change.

I got my change to speak then i speak like this : people like you no one care if you die especially people like me. I just sick of this world that keep getting awful day by day. Its all because people like you.

She said : nah nah nah you kid shut up, you still kid you dont know what you said.

I said again: you always do awful thing, that why you haven't seen a bad thing surrounding you. Because people like you i have to be like this. Be something that i dont want to be. Live in sadness,its all because people like you.

She said : where is your mother, im gonna call your mother

I said : people like you deserve to die. And i dont care if people awful like die in hand people are like me because people like you make some of us to be like this.

Then my friend come and said its enough Bit. I know what your feeling. Lets go. I feel wanna cry becayse the kid still not get his toy...

I yell like this at that woman like this GO DIE MO*HERFU*KER. I know what i do is unrespect and rude but that is the only way for me to deal people like that.

I maybe have a lot of sin right now because of that......

Since the kitten dead.... I always cry and i hard to control my anger........ Its seems Sadness gonna take over me but as long as i remember to god. Maybe i can control my anger. But j still lost half of my feeling to people.

I cannot feel love anymore. Valentine day is nothing to me right now. I cannot feel mercy or pity to give a second chance to people......

Its never meant to be and it is tragedy...
CreditMy life sux

02/11/2021 4:22 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Blob
Eynnom avatar
Parents that doesn't care what they kids do, are the worst
Because their kids are special and deserve everything!!

I once hear from a friend like they told me a story where a guy was in shop and saw how a brat had destroyed some stuff and the mother did something?(I don't remember if she tried to fix or something)
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