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I've been deranked on my own server! (There's a good reason, I swear.)

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
Hi and welcome to a series of blogs I'm going to be writing about my server, Collegi Pixelmon. The basic premise is simple: I'm doing lots of debugging and work on the server now that it's open, and I want to log and document the things I'm working on and doing. Sounds boring? I hope not. This is going to be much more let's-play than technical.

The reason behind this has to do with the title: I deranked myself! Right now on my own server I have all the permissions of a new player that just wandered in off the internet. This is good because it allows me to interact with the server and all of its mods and plugins just like anyone else would, meaning if there's a bug in normal game play, I'll find it. And I have. Several. Already. On day one. But I'll get to that. Let's start with what Collegi is so that the perms and bugs I talk about later make a bit more sense.

Collegi is a modded minecraft server running on 1.10.2. It uses pixelmon and biomes o' plenty as its main mods, with many plugins sprinkled in to give it a very vanilla server feel (despite the pokemon running around). We use Sponge Forge as our modding base, and utilize plugins like Polis (a towny system), Project Worlds/Portals (to run multi-maps), Journey Map, RankUpper, Discord Bridging, Economy Bridging, Latches (a locking system), Nucleus (an Essentials Plugin), Spawn of Psyduck (for pokemon spawns in BoP biomes) and more than I will just... stop listing. Our goal is to add pokemon into minecraft... not turn minecraft into a pokemon game.

I swear there's a difference.

But this is all technical and boring and I promised this blog wouldn't be. So let's get to the fun part!

I am starting from scratch in a world I've been building as a server owner for over a year now. And it's... going slowly. But then, all minecraft games start slow! Our starter kit on the server is ten pokeballs, five potions, three revives, two roast chickens, and a set of wooden tools. Since this is a Pixelmon server, PVP isn't as common and as such you don't get a set of armor. But because I want to start fresh and experience Collegi as a normal player would, I got my starter (Bulbasaur, level 5, named Bruiser) and my kit, and ran off into spawn.

We have a huge spawn, based off Lumoise City in Pokemon X, though it's been altered significantly. I'm pretty sure the original Lumoise doesn't have a giant tree in the center of it. Or farmland on the rooftops. Or a fifth of the city buildings cleared out for custom TM shops. You get the picture. At the south end of the city, there's a portal that will randomly teleport you somewhere safe within 20k blocks. I ended up in a nice seasonal forest that bordered a birch forest, so I moved right in. I set up camp on a birch island and started building up everything I'd need to survive. Small birch house, stone stair roof, crafting table, furnace. But a bed was a problem.

It was at this time I noticed that while it costs c1 (our currency is Cols) to get to spawn, the other warps weren't charging. So I got on the console and fixed the teleport costs. And yes, despite being the server owner, I'm also paying warp costs and cooldowns.

So we all know you need wool to craft a bed. But with pixelmon, no sheep spawn. Instead, you have to fight pokemon to get the same animal drops you would receive from mobs. In this case, I needed to go battle a few Mareep. And luckily, they spawn at our spawn. With Bruiser at level 5, and the mareep between level 3-5, it only took two battles to get the wool.

Bed crafted and placed, it was time to get started on a farm. With Bruiser's forage ability, he's able to search grass blocks every 20 seconds to find me a present. These presents are things like potatoes, carrots, seeds of all types, dead shrubs, grass blocks (some how he can pull an entire grass block out of another grass block without damaging it. Game logic.) and even leaf stone shards if you're lucky. I was less lucky: he gave me everything but the shards and what I was actually looking for. Potatoes. I was able to find those in the Savanna Safari Zone near the town though. The planters were fully grown.

(Another feature of the server is our Safari Zones. We have vanilla biomes set up with Pokemon Centers in them that cost c10 to warp to, but each vanilla biome is represented so that if you visit each Safari Zone, you can catch all the different types of pokemon. Legendaries are the exception; they only spawn in rare BoP biomes so that players have to explore to find them.)

Farm done, it was time to catch pokemon. Most of these I caught at spawn where the wild pokemon are weakest. I'm still salty about the mudkip I wasted about 25 pokeballs on though. And it DIED. My team ended up being bulbasaur (Bruiser), mareep (Sheepers), litwick (Candy), starly (Franki), ralts (Quorra) and squirtle (Mavi). Ralts was the only one not caught at spawn. I instead caught her in my birch forest. Of course, when you catch pokemon you weaken them first, and then they're hurt when they join your team. Upon visiting the Pokmeon Center at spawn, I discovered that healers and PCs were not usable, though if you talked to a doctor NPC they would heal your pokemon for you. That was an easy fix, by adding usable block IDs into the console for SafeZone areas, all pixelmon machinery necessary at spawn was able to be accessed by trainers.

Now the awesome thing about Collegi is we also have an infinite mining world, with a mine that refreshes every six hours or so. This mine has double the ore spawns that the normal map does, so that makes it faster and easier to get the ores and things you need, with the added benefit of players won't need to destroy the map to get ores. You can also take the ores to our export shop and sell them for Cols, which you can use to buy HMs, TMs, berries, tools, armor... whatever your heart desires. My plan for this little expedition is to earn enough Cols to buy HM 1: Fly. Pokemon riding is allowed on the server provided your pokemon know fly or surf, so it's endgame material. In the end, Fly will cost me c500,000. So my goal as a normal player is to play and earn money on the server to get fly, and test all the server features in the meantime. A primary source of income? Mining in Aetheria.

This proved two things: One, there was a bug that makes it appear as if you have no vanilla minecraft exp points when travelling between maps. I'm not skilled enough to fix that, but my developer Zyra is. Two, I needed a better pickaxe. As I'm trying to save money, I wasn't about to buy one. I needed an enchanting table.

In an infinite mining world, diamonds aren't hard to find. Obsidian is also easy. Leather though...

I probably spent a good two hours hunting down miltanks for leather to make books. And in the end I decided to take the naturally occurring bookshelves from some nearby towns when I only had half of what I needed after all the battling. The battling turned up another issue though: when battling, if your opponent pokemon is floating in BoP hot spring water, they'll never die. Ever. Hot spring water gives the regeneration effect to any entity standing in it. So in battle, even though it looks like the wild pokemon is losing HP, it's really not. The wild pokemon will never die, and you'll either have to run from battle or run out of usable pokemon to get out of the battling interface. Not a bug, but a feature, we think it's cute that if you let your pokemon go for a dip in a hot springs, they'll feel better. Nothing to fix then, as long as players learn not to battle in springs.

So, I had enchanting, a house, a team, a farm and some money. But all of my treasures were unprotected in the wilderness! And looting is allowed if you find a structure not protected by Polis, our towny system. Here was another issue: I already had a house built elsewhere with creative, protected by my town Starshine. But as a regular player I was WAY over my town chunk limit. So I quickly switched back to Owner rank, disbanded that town, Admin Safe Zoned the old house just so it didn't get messed with while I was experimenting, and started a new town. The new town, also named Starshine, was allowed 10 chunks of space that cost c5 each. It just about covered my island. But not satisfied with that, I also went to lock my door. But... I didn't have permission to use latch?

Back to console. Turns out we were missing a permission node for trainers, latch.normal. One stupid permission fixed, I could make door and chest locks. Awesome. Everything was then protected. And that seemed like a good spot to stop playing for the day.

All in all, I had a base, a set of diamond tools, a full team, and c7500 at the end of the day. Bruiser even evolved into an Ivysaur, and Frankie evolved into a Staravia. All but one of the bugs I came across I was able to fix. I'm a long way off from the c500,000 goal I set for myself, but maybe in the next couple days I'll get to test out gyms and even breeding.

Who knows, maybe I'll get to challenge the NPC version of myself that's set up as the Elite 4 champion before long. With Bruiser only at level 20, and the champion at an average of level 80, I think I have some training to do.

Man, this blog was long. Hopefully the next ones are shorter, with less bugs. Thanks for reading, if you got this far! More to come!

-Miescha, Collegi Pixelmon

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  • Seaaaaa
  • Level 1
  • New Crafter
  • February 19, 2017, 7:50 am
ooh, that sounds interesting! i'd totally join once it's done in the future.
  • Miescha
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Modder
  • February 19, 2017, 8:34 am
Actually we're already open, so you can join whenever you'd like! We'd love to see more players on (since right now it's mostly just me haha). So far we've already found the major bugs, so if you're worried about that, don't! You're welcome on Collegi at any time. <3

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