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Jake's guide to making a good skin

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HairyJake avatar HairyJake
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
Jake's guide to making a good skin

Idea tips:

- Think of something original, inspiration is fine but copying is wrong.

- Look at the majority of skins and if you want to stand out, try and find something different.

- Make sure your skin isn't too confusing so people get an idea of what you are.

- Your skin should be it's own character, with a background story.

- Be creative, don't let any doubt put you down.

Program tips:

- If you use paint for making skins, you won't be able to make a hat for the skin.

- You need a program that allows transparency to make the best skins.

- On the internet you can find things such as MinersNeedCoolShoes which provide you with an online skin editing software.

Construction tips:

- Baring in mind Minecraft provides armour, knight skins looks a bit silly in survival. Clothing shouldn't be too excessive and try to imagine your character wearing armour on top of it's clothes. If you can't imagine it, it probably won't work.

- Remember little details don't go well with 8x8 graphics. Think about what is significant, important and eye-catching in the design so you know what should be added.

- Scale is important. Make sure you keep track of how many pixels you have so you can then convert the idea in your head.

Shading tips

From here on it is totally up to you how to shade your skin, but to make it good, here are some of the best techniques.

- Rough: Make every surface of your skin slightly textured. This will limit shading but gives some 3D life your flat skin.

- Gradient: Make the skin get slightly darker towards crevices and lower parts whilst making it go lighter for sticky out bits and higher parts. This will add plenty of shading and make your skin a work of art.

- Tricky: This technique is for when your skin contains a lot of detail and not many blank spaces. Make shading sharper so it doesn't cover a large area and keep it minimum.

- Sharp and awesome: This technique i have not acheived. This one is where every single pixel on the skin is a different colour or shade of it. This requires a lot of patience but some top skin creators have good examples.

Thank you for reading and happy skinning!

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10/18/2012 7:14 am
Level 32 : Artisan Farmer
vonzwietracht avatar
tip for "sharp and awesomeness":
>>use GIMP
>>learn how to use the burn/dodge tool

this tool darkens/lightens pixels a slight amount (read as: like 5h-10h per use per subpixel group) based on how fast the cursor is moving, how many passed you make and how much pressure you apply with a stylus (wacom-style devices only)
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