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Japanese Empire Infomation

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Level 30 : Artisan Architect
Above: The Japanese Empire and it's territories during the mid 20th century
This shares the same universe with the Greater Germanic Reich.

Full name: Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
Motto: The World Under One Roof
Anthem: Kimigayo (His Imperial Majesty's Reign)
Capital & Largest City: Tokyo
Offical Language: Japanese
Minority Languages: All East, South East, and South Asian languages plus English
Religion: Shinto plus others outside Japan proper
Government: One Party Military Dictatorship Under A Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister: Fujita Hoyo (non existent)
Emperor: Hirohito Showa
Party: Japanese Statist Party
Ideology: Showa Statism
Legislature: Imperial Diet
Formation: 1868
Population: 1960: 1 billion (100 million in Japan proper)
Continents: Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, & North America
Currency: Yen (Y)
Timezone: UTC +5 - UTC -7
Driving side: Left

The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (simply known as the Japanese Empire or simply Japan) is a country that rules over most of Eastern Asia and the Pacific. It is an authoritarian militaristic state governed by the prime minister who has more power than the emperor himself. Its capital and largest is Tokyo which has been upgraded to rival Germany's Germania. Japan began to modernise with modern technology similar to our timeline in the last decade. If citizens follow the rules then life can be good but breaking a simple rule means they can be treated as horribly as the prisoners in Germany's concentration camp. Japan is the 2nd stronger superpower, behind Germany.

To be continued

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