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Jermejevite's story (added chp. 3!)

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
Ok where do i begin... i guess ill start at the very beginning
Chp.1 the kindergarten
It was dark, i couldn't see... i looked around, there was a blinding light, i put my hand over my face to make a shadow over my eyes. As my eyes adjusted it was dark out side where the light came in. Then i looked at my hand, it had some fabric over it, as i looked at my hand i took the fabric off. My hand was the same color as my skin without the fabric, i don't know what color to call it... 
Something told me blue, i don't who or what. I looked around, i was still in the dark hole. I put the fabric back on my hand
My head did it again, i think, told me that fabric was called a glove. On my hands and knees i crawled out and stood up. Then i fell, but i caught myself with my hands. My gloves turned the color of the ground, which was the color brown. i looked around me, i was in a dark, huge place. 
As i looked around i started walking, i don't know where i was going, but i kept walking. There were holes everywhere, just like mine. As i searched around i noticed on my feet i was wearing white strapped boots. I wore dark blue leggings, and a split skirt that was a lighter but darker blue. But the skirt was lined with light blue and i came up to my chest with small sleeves. My hair was light blue but came to a white to the very end and went past my shoulders. Then i was feeling my face, there was a hard substance on my right cheek. It was my gem, so i quit messing with my gem and kept walking. Then i heard footsteps, other than mine. They were faster than my footsteps and getting closer. I hid in another one of the holes that looked like mine. I stayed quiet, i heard the footsteps keep getting closer and closer. Then i heard a voice.
"I swear back there was where the hole was where the gem was supposed to come out!!!" 
It was a voice, were they looking for me? i still didn't want to come out, i was scared. Then there was a different voice, much more furious than the first one. 
"Yellow Diamond sent us here for a reason, if you don't find this gem i will leave this stupid planet without you!"
Well, she sounded a little annoyed, should i come out? Are they looking for me? i stayed still, with the footsteps still loud outside the entrance to the hole. i ain't coming out, i just got here, or i just gotten made. i don't really want to leave yet.
Then i seen them standing rate outside. The little one was more like my skin color, her gem was located on her forehead. She looked different though. She wore a dress, a dark blueish dress, and wore shorter boots than me and where a lightish blue. Her hair was really dark blue. Then there was the taller one, more my height, but bigger that looks as if in one swipe of her hand she could easily take the small blue one. She was gray and wore a black cape that came to a yellow diamond near her neck. She had a light gray and dark gray jumpsuit. She had messy, long, light gray hair. Some of her hair went over half of her face, but her gemstone was located on her arm. 
Then the short blue one looked directly at me, she screamed "I found her!!!!!!" Then the tall gray one pulled out something, and something told me
I pushed the small blue one out of the way and made a run for it. I heard the gray one's footsteps running after me as i ran๏ปฟ, then i seen the end of the kindergarten. I slowed down to try and jump, but i tripped over something.  Then in my back was a sharp pain, then i seen myself falling apart, and i blacked out.
๏ปฟChp.2 Meeting new gems

๏ปฟIt was dark, I opened my eyes. I seen green all around me. Where am I? Am I supposed to be here? I got up onto my feet and looked around me. I was in a space, with hard green walls and floors. Except one wall was not a wall at all, it was yellow and translucent, which means I could see through it. I went up to it and put my hand up to it, my hand burned and I pulled it away.  It did the same thing that whatever got me in the back did.  I walked over and sat against the wall, I didn't know what to do, I was bored. I couldn't escape because of the yellow translucent door thing. Then I heard footsteps coming over by the room I was in, I couldnt hide this time so I just stayed sitting against the wall. Then it was the small blue one, one of the gems that had tried getting me before I blacked out. She stood rate on the other side of the translucent door, giving her a yellow tint.
"you are the most feistiest gem I had ever met" the small blue one spoke, she sounded a little annoyed with me, but I don't know what she was annoyed at me for. She glared at me for a moment. "I know that you know how to speak, every gem has the same language style that you cannot defy, every gem when created has the ability to speak." I looked at her, I didn't know what to think, but I understood her, so I spoke.
"what is your gem?"
She looked at me, satisfied. Or at least less annoyed, she responded.
"my name is Aquamarine, I work for yellow diamond"
"oh..." I didn't know what to say next, but then I wondered why I blacked out... "Why did I black out, or what happened?"
"oh, you don't know what a gem destabilizer is yet. You just came out of the kindergarten not even 10 hours ago."
Then out of the floor she pulled out this stick that has yellow sparks going between the the halves of it, just like the yellow burning door.  
"This is a gem destabilizer, it can make you retreat to your gem like you did. That's why you had the sense of 'Blacking out' because you had retreated to your gem. Smokey Quartz, the gem that you had seen with me while you were found, jabbed you in the back with a gem destabilizer, which made you retreat to your gem. Then we carried your gem on the ship and put you in a prison cell, where you could regenerate into your normal gem structure"
So that's who that was I thought, Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz were the gems that had caught me... While I was in my thoughts Aquamarine spoke suddenly.
"We are bringing you to homeworld, where they could identify what kind of gem you are. You must mean a lot to the diamond authority because they asked us to come to that planet and look in that specific kindergarten for a gem. Normally the only missions ever assigned to gems is to go check on the cluster and make sure it is growing well, and that is usually assigned to a Peridot, a smaller class gem than me."
I was that important? besides who are the diamond authority, must be a big deal or something... But I somehow knew that we were going to homeworld, everything felt familiar, but I know that I was only created about 3 hours ago. I asked "who are the diamond authority?" Aquamarine's eyes widened, like I just something very wrong. Then she spoke with a little tone in her voice.
"You should know rate away who the diamond authority is!!!!!!"
Then she pushed a button on a wall outside and the yellow door thingy disappeared, she took my hand. We started running and then we came to a big room. She spoke a little more softly but still had a tone
"look down."
And there was a symbol with 3 triangles, one blue, one white, and one yellow. Then the 3 triangles were surrounded by a dark green circle... This is the diamond authority?
Chp.3 Learning about The Diamond Authority
As I look down at the floor, she tells me about the great diamond authority that governs homeworld. She tells me of her rulers, yellow diamond, blue diamond, and white diamond and how they make the great diamond authority. But I don't listen, I am instead trained in my own thoughts, Of what homeworld is like, weather these 'diamonds' will like me... Making Aquamarine sounds like she is far away, just an echo. While Aquamarine is babbling on about how great the diamonds are, she says one thing that gets my attention...
"what?" I reply, hoping that should would repeat something that she just said.
"there used to be a pink diamond many years ago, before the gem war... It sounds like she made this 'rebellion' against homeworld. Nobody currently knows weather the rebellion is still active or not, im guessing not because when Smokey quartz and I went to earth to retrieve you there was no other forms of gem life. Except the cluster, which only a peridot goes every hundred years to go and make sure smaller forms of the cluster and the cluster itself are growing well."
There used to be another diamond? When she said pink diamond the name felt familiar to me, but I know nothing in this place should be familiar, just like rate now finding out about homeworld.
"well enough about the gem war, anyways, you should automatically know which diamond you were made to serve the very moment you hear their name, unlike the rebellion, even though they knew their rightful leader they still joined the rebellion and served to a completely different diamond, which would be pink diamond now wouldn't it?" Aquamarine spoke softly, not as annoyed as when she first found me in the kindergarten. "who do you think is your diamond?"
I don't know who my diamond is yet to be honest, the only idea I have is pink diamond, but im not certainly saying anything to her. "I don't know who my diamond is yet." I said, I tried to stay as firm as possible when I said this, to make it sound like I wasn't lying. She looked at me, then she smiled a little bit "Ya maybe that's a good thing to not know yet, it sounds like the diamond authority really needs you, maybe the great diamonds will argue over you" She smiled and laughed, I tried to do the same, but it came out as a big HA. Then I heard huge stomping coming towards our way.
"WHAT IS SHE DOING OUT OF HER CELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?" It was Smokey Quartz, the one who jabbed me in the back with that gem destabilizer, and that exactly what it looked like she was going to do again. She came up with the gem desablizer in one hand, ready incase I tried running again, so I stayed as still as possible.
"I was showing her the symbol of the diamond authority and who the diamonds were." Aquamarine growled annoyed.
"you know that we keeps gems in their cells and you know that you have to keep you limb enhansers on." Smokey quartz shouted at Aquamarine. Aquamarine looked up at smokey quartz annoyed, and then the same thing with Aquamaine's gem destabilizer, these tubes connected to her arms and legs, hiding them. But making her about 2x taller than she was originally, know I am the shortest one in this place, not her. Aquamarine took my wrist and pulled me back to the little green room I was in.
I sat down, back to my place on the floor, smokey quartz and Aquamarine walked away, screaming at eachother. And as I sat there in my mind, I thought of all ive just been through and told, and now I have a whole new question on my mind.. What will the diamonds do to me if I serve for none of them? I sat there in the quietness of the place, of the ship. My mind told me what to call this place, a ship. And im in a cell on this ship. As I was sitting there in the cell, being deep within my thoughts, Smokey Quartz came up to my cell. She towered over me past the translucent yellow door, she looked down at me. And then she raised her lip a little.
"we're here"

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