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JSON Bedrock Lang files

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NeraWoowty avatar NeraWoowty
Level 50 : Grandmaster Caveman
HI everyone! I've been doing a lot of automation recently, and decided that it's annoying how bedrock uses plain .txt or .lang files, instead of the nicer JSON format. So I converted them as best I could! I only have the en_US.lang file transferred so far, but maybe I could do others.

Available here:
Download: https://github.com/NeraWoowty/nerawoowty.github.io/blob/main/en_US.json
Raw: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NeraWoowty/nerawoowty.github.io/main/en_US.json

This file won't work if you use it in a texture pack or anything, it's purely for automation's sake.

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