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Hey Yes i know the logo is really bad for this but i didnt have much time soooo- if ya want to make a logo for this you can- You can also make fan art, skins, ect! if ya want!

Please to not re-upload my story!

Chapter 1

It was a quiet morning in Alora’s small home, the rays of sun slowly peaked into her room, shining on her face, that was Alora’s morning alarm, to get up. Alora slowly woke up, stretching as she did so.

“Another day” She yawned.

She felt less tired than most days. She stepped out of bed, and headed to her bathroom to get ready for school. She put on her white and black uniform, then her skirt, her matching socks, and finally her black shoes, she than began brushing her light , long, brown hair, then she grabbed her moon hair clip, and as she was going to put it in, she noticed a white streak in her hair, that hadn’t been there before.

“Strange, where did this come from?” She asked.

She put some water on white streak in her hair, but it didn’t come out, so she hesitantly put her moon hair clip in and walked down the stairs to her kitchen.

She walked over to the fridge of her kitchen, taking a glance out the window, she saw a black stray cat, it just sat that on her lawn, not moving and just staring at her. How long had it been there? She ignored it and grabbed eggs out her fridge and some bacon, and began preparing them, and then took them over to the dining table and set them down, then sat down and began to eat, keeping a close eye on the cat. It still didn’t move. So Alora quickly got up and grabbed her school bag, and decided to grab some cat food from the cabinet to bring to the cat outside. She headed outside and walked over to the cat, who didn’t seem scared, and it didn’t move. She bent down and held out her hand with the cat food, and the cat began eating it. Alora giggled. Then the cat began to run away a little, but then turned around and looked at Alora, almost trying to get her to follow them.

“Cat! Where are you going? Do you want me to...follow you?” She asked.

The cat simply hit the ground with their tail. Alora quickly hopped on her bike and began riding over to the cat, after she was close enough, the cat began to run some more.

“W-Wait up!” She yelled.

Alora rode even faster, until the cat made a sharp left into an ally way. Making Alora bump into a tree. She looked around but didn’t see the cat.

“Ow...where did that cat go?” She asked.

Chapter 2

Alora slowly got up, looking all around, but no luck of finding the cat.

“Ow..I think I scraped my knee..” she said, looking at her knee.

It was cut, and it was only bleeding a little bit. She looked at her now broken bike, then over to the ally way. She squinted her eyes, but saw nothing but trash cans, windows with clothes hanging out of them, and small lights. She then looked at her bike, which was now fixed?

“Wait..wasn’t it broken before? Oh Never mind at least its fixed..”

She quickly hopped on her bike, she looked around, as she was in a part of town she was unfamiliar with.

“So, where do I go to get to school?” She asked.

Then her bike seemed to start moving by itself, taking her somewhere. To her school?

“Woah! W-What’s going on!?” She asked.

She looked to her left and right, then behind her, the cat was there, staring at her, then quickly disappearing into some bushes. She keep looking for few moments, then she looked forward again, to see she was at the bike rack of her school?

“How did I?...” she asked, very confused.

The bike stopped moving, and she got off and parked her bike in an open spot in the bike rack. She began walking to the entrance of her school, then was immediately greeted by her best friend, Bree.

“Hey! You’re late! I was waiting for you forever!” Bree complained.

Alora paused for a second before speaking.

“Oh sorry i slept in..” Alora said, hiding the truth.

Bree rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“Well lets go already! You are gonna make me late to class one of these days! And thats not good for my marks!” Bree yelled.

Alora laughed, then noticed Adrien wasn’t there.

“Aye, where is Adrien?” Alora asked.

Bree giggled .

“Probably thinking of you! Ehehe! “ Bree teased.

Alora rolled her eyes.

“He’s probably sleeping, lets just head to class.”

Bree and Alora began heading through the giant gate of their school, passing the “popular “ girls of their school, including Bree’s crush. Bree was the nerdy type, but her sassy side showed sometimes, Bree has light , short, blonde hair. While Alora, was the quiet and polite type, and also the sensible one.

As the approached the classroom, Bree looked at the white streak in Alora’s hair.

“Woah! Did your parents let you dye your hair?” Bree asked.

Alora laughed.

“No, i just woke up like this, its probably paint or something, my parents would kill me if i dyed my hair!” Alora said.

The two girls laughed and entered the classroom, however, Alora couldn’t forget the odd cat.

Chapter 3 (not done)

Chapter 4 (not done)


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awww, the storys adorable!!! you should make alot more >w< owo
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