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Jungle Village (Day 1)

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Before we get started, I'd like to let you all know that I'll be doing this every day I play this world. The "Day 1, Day 2" stuff refers to real life time and not ingame time.
Jungle Village (Day 1)
I spawned here. It was a rather nice spawn point. There were many animals, trees everywhere, and I was next to a swamp, desert, and forest biome. If I could, I probably would've lived there, but I had to find a jungle. Which as I continued throughout this world, I realized it would probably be harder than I thought. I wouldn't have to worry about getting lost though, because I had no home and went days homeless.

Jungle Village (Day 1)
The first thing I did was grab some wood. A typical rule in Minecraft.
Jungle Village (Day 1)
I then came across some animals. Based on past experiences, I knew that I should kill as many as I could to survive. This animal massacre didn't end here, I killed every animal I saw. I knew I wasn't going to cook any of the meat so I had to get as much food as possible. I had enough wool for a bed after and later decided to stop killing chickens. Not like they mean anything to me, but I didn't like the idea of becoming more hungry when I ate raw chicken. Yes, I am aware that I could easily cook it, but I don't have time for that. Anyway, as time went by, I grew a little worried about my inventory. Jungle biomes are hard to find so there's no doubt my inventory will be full by the time I find one.

I was lucky to find a little cave nearby and inside was some iron. There was a good chunk of iron so I, of course, collected it. I didn't know when I'd smelt it because I wasn't planning on making a furnace anytime soon, but it's good to have for when that time comes.

I started to travel more outside my spawn point and came across some mountains. It had coal so I got some. First of all, torches, second of all, I needed to smelt/cook my stuff with something. I got a little more than a stack worth of coal. I used the extra pieces to make torches.

Things were going great until I realized that the mountains were really steep. This quickly became a problem. I could probably find my way up and down, but that'd take a lot of time and I'd risk a lot of health because of fall damage. I was a little nervous and confused about how I'd get across these things without getting stuck. I walked across to the other mountain.

Across the mountain, I found a small cave. It wasn't big at all. Not nearly big enough to even find coal, but it gave me an idea. I decided that I was gonna cut through the mountains instead of going around them. While doing so, thoughts filled my mind. I was afraid that if I did this, I'd get stuck and never come out. I wasn't sure how wide these mountains were or how tall they were, so I could've easily got lost and wasted a lot of time. As I kept mining, I gathered stacks of cobble and night came by. I went to bed and started mining. I then realized that mining up (Not straight up) would've increased my chances of getting out, and it did!

When I got past the mountain biomes, I was greeted with two other biomes. A desert, and a savanna biome. I then thought "Deserts sometimes have desert temples. Maybe I can get a saddle." Getting a saddle would mean getting a horse which would mean I was saving food. I searched around the desert biome for a good while but found nothing. I then went to the savanna because for some reason I can never go to a savanna without finding a village.

I went in and very quickly found a pillager outpost. I was tempted to go in since no one seemed to be there but I was wrong. A pillager saw me and quickly started chasing me. I ran to the other side of the hill. It wasn't there so I assumed it lost me. I killed some cows that were there but as I was doing so I saw him just around the corner. I ran off again this time without stopping.

So I was right about the savanna village. There was one nearby. I walked in and saw a lovely white cat. She was beautiful, and I was saving some fish for this moment. It took a little while but she eventually saw the salmon I was holding and warmed up to me!

I successfully got Maya. The beautiful white cat with multi-colored eyes she is. I quickly came attached to her and spotted another cat. This cat, for the most part, had a white coat and he was a little bit dustier underneath. I tamed him as well (And a little quicker than I tamed Maya) Therefore, getting Rusty! I now had two little companions to join me on this journey. And luckier yet, I found a saddle!

As I ventured out of the Savanna, I found some horses, there was a good group of them, and I chose the strongest horse there. His name was Balor. I was kind of anxious because I thought my cats would get lost. After all, we were fast, but they could teleport quicker than I'd ever know!

Now, this part isn't really that important to the blog, but look at the placement of this house! It looks like a witch could live here.

Anyway, Balor, Maya, and Rusty were all with me when I came across a problem. The ocean. I couldn't just hop in a boat and leave them but I couldn't just stay here. fortunately, I was able to get to another island as it was in viewing distance, but that doesn't mean I won't encounter this problem again.

It didn't take long to encounter this problem either. I was saddened and I didn't know what to do. I was scared and uncertain about what was going to happen next.

I did end up leaving Balor behind. He was too big to fit in the boat so this wouldn't've worked. I took off his saddle, and let him roam in the swamp.

Now, I couldn't have brought Balor, even if I really tried, but I could bring Maya and Rusty. I didn't love one more or less, but Maya ended up being the sacrifice. The process was risky. I could've lost the island she was gone and never get her back, but I was determined. I decided to go straight, drop rusty off at the nearest island, and come back for Maya.

I was blessed to be able to successfully get them on the same island, but there was one real sacrifice that I'd have to acknowledge, and that was Balor. He brought me where I needed to go with ease and if he ever got hurt, he took it like a champ and dealt no damage (somehow) So I will always remember him.

However, things did lookup. I encountered a wolf! Originally, I had nothing to tame him with, but on a mountain, there was a skeleton that I killed to get its bones. I came back and offered it to him and he accepted! I now have three companions. Rusty, Maya, and our new member, Buck!

I came across another village. It was a lovely one too. Maya and Rusty sort of attempted to stay, But I wouldn't let them cause we got places to be.

It had a really nice blacksmith (Well, at least that's what I assume it is) and I got a hold of free armor!

I ventured off somewhere else and ended the day.
So, this day I didn't successfully find a jungle village yet but made new (and lost one) friends that day. It was fun, and I'm excited to do this again.
One word to describe this day?
Y'all have no idea how many animals I had to kill during this thing.
Worst thing that happened this day?
I lost Balor
Best thing that happened this day?
I got Buck and still had Maya and Rusty
If I had to rate my experience, it'd be a 3 outta 5 stars.

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RIP Balor

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