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Juvybear And Jailbird Part 1

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avatar Zacko320
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
Fifteen years ago... Juvybear from "Care Bears" met Jailbird from "Sesame Street" and sniped out some phonies from "My Little Phony". BOOM!! HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!! Juvybear and jailbird were sent to jail for ten years. The two were put on "The Opera Winfrey Network" known as "OWN" to be reviewed about their pwnings. They were sued for killing phonies during a live episode. They got sued for 17,000,000 dollars. Well, the phonies' got some plastic gravestones at target for 20.00 bucks. So, the 17,000,000 dollars ment nothing really. They didn't need 17,000,000 million bucks but you know, they were thinking about building a coffee shop or like an adoption center for hipster teens. They didn't really think out what they were going to do with the money. It's actually like what they do with (Olive Garden) commercials. "This is just like sitting at the kids table again. Hahahaha!" After two years when they paid off their 17,000,000 dollars, (Which they stole from a bank) they stopped killing phonies and moved to a different place. LIED! They actually stole the rocket from alabama and went to a distant unkown planet. They said on their twitter that it was called phonyworld. They didn't actually STOP killing the phonies. They started planting dynamite under the phony houses. Juvybear started to live in a forest, and Jailbird lived in a cave. One year later while Juvybear was blasting dynamite, Jailbird was in his cave. Juvybear accidentally got close enough to Jailbird's cave and set the dynamite off. Jailbird got pwned. When Juvybear found out that Jailbird was dead, he threw him in the rocket and set it off so no one could find Jailbird. But then that meant Juvybear had to be stuck in Phonyworld. So he injected phony DNA into himself and went to bed. He got up the next day and realised that he turned into a freakin UNICORN! He said, "OH CRAP! I MEANT TO TURN INTO A CAT!"

06/10/2012 12:10 am
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
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