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Kaa and Dawn fan story!

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Kaa kidnaps Dawn

Ito s morning on Twinleaf Town. A beautiful 16 years girl opens the window and look at the landscape of mountains and forests. She was lucky to have a good view from her room. The girl was named Dawn, daughter of the Grand Festival Champion, Johanna.
Dawn takes a bath, and then gets dressed of a short, pink skirt, black T-shirt, black knee-length socks and a white hat with a pink Poké Ball symbol. Her mother and Glameow, Johannao s Pokémon waits at her in the kitchen, ready to eat breakfast.
o Good morning, Mom!o Dawn say happy.
o Good morning, dearo , smile Johanna. o Have you slept well?o
o Of course!o Dawn says. o I had dreamt about my Pokémon, which are on Professor Rowano s laboratory. I shall cycle to Sandgem Town today and visit them.o
o Good ideao , Johanna nods. o It had been a while since you came home from the Grand Festival in Johto.o
o Mmm!o Dawn has her mouth full with breads, while she nods.

After the breakfast, Dawn jumps in her pink boots and walk out to her bicycle. Johanna and Glameow watch her from the terrace.
o Be careful and dono t talk with unknown people!o Johanna says. o And you can tell Professor Rowan I send word!o
o I will!o Dawn says. o And now, leto s go!o She steps away from the house. Johanna waves her hand with a smile. Glameow were a little bit tired and starts to sleep beside Johanna.

While Dawn was riding on her bicycle through a forest on Route 201, two sparkly eyes watches her from the shadows of the forest.
o What a pretty creatureo ¦!o The individual says with a perverse tone. o It looks like she are going to the town.o Dawn looks up at the sky. A flock of Starly, Staravia and Staraptor flies above her.
o What a nice day!o Dawn says with a smile. She looks forward and puffs. She has arrived to Sandgem Town!
o Ok, time to find Professor Rowano s laboratory!o She says and pedals faster.

It didno t take so long time to find the laboratory, because Dawn droved straight on Paul, who was coming on a bicycle too. Dawn didno t recognize him first, but then she did. She started to blush and took up her bicycle. Paul asked if she was all right. Together, both blush, went to the laboratory. Professor Rowan and the Pokémon were waiting for them.
Dawno s Empoleon was happy to see her again. For a very long time, he didno t want to evolve, but after the Grand Festival in Sinnoh, he wanted.
Paulo s Pokémon were happy too. He might be a terrible trainer before, but he became nice because he liked Dawn so much. He was in love with her.

The clock is 3:00 pm. Ito s time for Dawn to ride home. But Paul stops her by take her arm.
o Dawn, thereo s something I want to tell youo , he says. Dawn blush and turn around.
o What?o She asks. Paul looks on her eyes. He opens the mouth, but he cano t tell her here.
o Comeo , he says and jumps on his bike. o Io ll tell you somewhere instead.o Dawn fellows him at her bike. They cycle to Route 201, and the individual looks at Dawn again from the threes.
o There she iso ¦o , he says. o Buto ¦ whoo s the boy with the lilac hair? Her boyfriend? Whatever he is, the girlo s gonna be my girlfriendo ¦ My lovely girlfriend.o

Dawn and Paul are standing under a big tree with pink cherry blossoms. They look at each other and hold each other hands.
o Dawn, I must say, I liked you when we meet at the first time. But I couldno t controll my feelingso , Paul says a little bit quiet.
o I understand youo , Dawn smiles. o It was the same thing with me.o The individual looks down from the cherry tree and hear what the couple is talking about.
*Are they going to confess to each other?* He wonders. *Well, but it will be another story after that.*
o Dawno ¦o Paul is coming closer to Dawn.
o Paulo ¦o Dawn blush and are really nervous. Paul opens the mouth and says:
o I love you.o
*Well, well!* The individual looks at the scene. *Now the boy, probably named Paul, has confessed to Dawn now. I wonder what Dawn will say. Probablyo ¦*
o Paul, I love you tooo ¦o Paul is blushing and happy at the same time.
o May Io ¦ kiss you?o
o Yeso ¦o Dawn nods.
*Oh no!* The individual is starting to get panic. *They going to kiss each other! I dono t want to see it!* He hides the eyes by his tail and close them. But he cano t hold it; he sneaks the eyes down and sees the scene. Dawn and Paul touch each other lips and kisses.
*How terrible!* The individual think angry. Paul breaks the kiss and looks at Dawn.
o I must cycle home now.o Dawn is red on her cheeks.
o Me too.o
o Shall we meet again someday?o Dawn nods to answer.
o Yes, someday.o Paul jumps on his bicycle and cycle away. Dawn watch him until he disappears at the horizon. The individual smiles hungry.
*Well, well, ito s time for me to turn up*, he thinks and slowly wound down. Dawn hear something above her. She looks up and sees the individual. Dawn shouts high of shock.
o Whato s this kind of Pokémon?!o She asks. o Ito s a snakeo ¦ no, a python snake!o
o Good afternoon, my attractiveo , the snake says.
o Youo ¦ can talk?o Dawn asks shocked.
o Of course, if you hear meo , the snake says. o My name is Kaa, and may I ask who you are?o
o Io m Dawn, a coordinator and daughter to Johanna, the Grand Festival Champion.o
o I see! Dawno ¦ Thato s a very beautiful name. It suits you.o
o Thanks, Kaa!o Dawn smiles happily. Kaa puts his glance immediately on Dawno s magnificent breast.
o That you are beautiful!o He says on a perverse tone. o No wonder that boy is in love with you.o Dawn blushes when she hears that.
o Youo ¦ you saw uso ¦?o
o Yes, I did. Youo re a cute couple, but not so cute.o Dawn is surprised about that.
o Areno t we?o Kaa shakes on his head and turn away.
o No. What shall people say about you two, especially youo , he lies. o Youo re not good for Paul yet.o Dawn is starting to get panic.
o Not good for Paul yet?!o She screams. o Oh my, what shall I do, what shall I do?!o Kaa is giggle quietly.
*Easy one to lurk*, he thinks.
o Do you have a idea about what I shall do?!o Dawn asks excite.
o Well, ito s easily doneo , Kaa says.
o What, what?!o Dawn asks. Kaa turns to her and looks at her body. Dawn has already a women body and some good breast. Kaa cano t take off his eyes from them.
o Well?!o Dawn asks angry. o Whato s youro ¦o When her eyes cross Kaao s one, she feels then strange. The eyes of the snake indeed began to flash of several colors and very fast, the eyes of Dawn begin to flash in the same way. The beautiful girl starts to feel tired and her anger disappear slowly. Kaa rolls up slowly his tail around her, from the ankle to the waist. He lifts her up to the tree of cherry blossoms. Dawn moans with pleasure and looks on Kaao s eyes. She does her best to not close her eyes, not yet. Kaa take off her hat and looks at her.
o Youo re more beautiful without that hato , he says with a perverse tone.
o Yeso ¦ I amo ¦o , Dawn moans quiet. Kaa smiles hungry and slides his tail under the T-shirt of the sexy girl. He then presses very slightly on Dawno s left breast. The girl moans and shivers with pleasure and closes her eyes. She had never felt anything so pleasant before.
o Now, I will tell you my ideao , Kaa says with a very perverse tone.
o Whato ¦?o Dawn moans while she felt the pleasure.
o Youo re going to be mine, forevero , Kaa whispers in her ear.
o Io ¦ want too ¦ be with youo ¦o , Dawn groans. o I dono t needo ¦ that Paul.o Kaa giggles and take off his tail from the T-shirt. He moves then his coils around the body of Dawn and starts massage her. Dawn shivers and moans with pleasure.
o Do you feel good, my attractive?o Kaa asks.
o Yes, I doo ¦o , Dawn answers with a quiet voice.
o I love you, Dawn, and you love me?o
o I doo ¦ My lovely Kaao ¦o Kaa tightens his embrace and pursues his massage more intensely. Dawn begins to groan with pleasure and feels the scale of the snake body. She starts to fall asleep in the coils.
o Weo re going to live together and have many pleasant momentso , Kaa says, on a perverse tone. o Forget that Paul now!o
o I haveo ¦ forgot him now, my Kaao ¦o , Dawn moans in her dreams. o Youo reo ¦ the only one in my head.o She starts to snore, which means she has fall asleep.
o Sleep well, my beautiful coordinatoro , Kaa says. He captured this beauty with a big success, whicho s going to stay with him forever in the forest. Kaa has already some perverse ideas in the head, and he cano t wait until Dawn wakes up.

Meanwhile, in Twinleaf Town, Johanna was really worried about her daughter. She had ringed to Professor Rowan, but Dawn wasno t there. Rowan put in that Paul was there too, and maybe the youngsters were together. Johanna knew direct, Paul maybe had her beautiful, and only daughter, and did sexual intercourses at her. Johanna rang to Reggie, Paulo s brother, and told him about her ideas. Just then Paul came home. The three got into a conflict, but then Reggie and Johanna realized Paul didno t have coitus with Dawn. Everyone started to be worried. This was the last day for Dawn to be with her mother and her love, Paul.

The End

09/15/2012 5:50 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Nether Knight
You sure do like kaa and....dawn....and...love dont you?
09/02/2012 12:30 am
Level 29 : Expert Spelunker
If Kaa was real The Mighty Cyan would Slay him...
09/02/2012 12:41 am
Level 40 : Master Nerd
Then he would get you first.......
09/02/2012 12:52 am
Level 29 : Expert Spelunker
Cyan is not a mere human you see... His name is a colour but that doesnt mean he is mindless he is a trained assassin... Trained in the arts of dream Dream destroying and also trained in the arts of using his sheild to look at enemies like a smart person would... Also he is trained to use his other senses.
09/02/2012 12:55 am
Level 40 : Master Nerd
Let's not discuss about this now....
09/02/2012 12:56 am
Level 29 : Expert Spelunker
Ok but check out my new blog ... If you want to
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