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Kaa fan story 5!

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Carrie awoke inside of Kaa's coils. She had no idea what time it was. She felt disoriented. She looked around. Where was she? She swiveled her head in all directions.

"Good Lord,o she thought to herself. "I slept like a rock. I wonder where I am..." She looked around. "Ah! I'm in my room, on the floor." She looked at the window. "It must be late morning." She then looked at the massive pile of coils in which she was wrapped from neck to ankles. Kaa had formed a sleeping bag for her. He had even used his neck as a pillow for her. She was quite comfortable, but ready to get up. "Kaa,o She said, "Time to get up."

Kaa's eyes slowly blinked open and his head turned towards Carrie. "Did you sssleep well my darling?" He asked.

"Yes, I did." She replied. "But you need to actually have my permission to put me to sleep like that."

"I'm sssorry, I jussst get carried away." He said.

Carrie started to wiggle out of the coils, but they were too tight for her to get out. "Kaa,o She said. "You have to let me go now so I can get ready for the day."

"What are we doing today?" He asked.

"Exploring!" Said Carrie. "I love adventure! We can pretend that I'm exploring the Nile River or something!"

"Sssoundsss like fun." Said Kaa. With that, Kaa loosened his coils and Carrie easily slipped out. She went downstairs and ate some candy for breakfast. She gave Kaa another piece of beef. She walked over to the phone and saw the red message light blinking. "Oh no." She thought. She pushed the play button. The message machine said: "One new message: *BEEP* Hey, sweetie. Aunt Brenda here. Just calling in to check on you. It's about 9 o'clock. I was half expecting to hear the house burning down but it seems like you've already tucked yourself into bed. You're such a good little girl. I knew your mother could trust you. Anyway, I won't be able to check in for a couple days, I have to leave on business. You just keep doing exactly what you're doing and call Uncle Drew if you need anything. Love you! *click*"

"This is crazy awesome." Carrie thought to herself.

Carrie went upstairs and grabbed her camping backpack. In it, she packed flip-flops, an extra bathing suit, a short rope, a fake knife, a pup tent, a sleeping bag, some crackers, and some water. "Why are you packing?" Kaa asked.

"We're going exploring, remember?" Replied Carrie.

"Where are we exploring?" Asked Kaa.

"The marshes and swamps upstream." Replied Carrie.

"That sssounds dangerous." Added Kaa.

"Well, as long as you stick with me, I should be safe, right?" Asked Carrie.

"Of courssse." Said Kaa. "I'll protect you from anything."

Carrie Went into her closet and put on a khaki skirt and white shirt over her blue bikini.

Carrie started walking down the dock, towards the riverbank. Kaa slithered behind her. "Kaa, I want you to go hide in the marsh. We're gonna pretend that you're a predator. Instead of you hypnotizing me, though, you're going to wrestle and squeeze me." Said Carrie.

"Carrie, there'sss quicksssand in the marsh." Replied Kaa. "What if you get ssstuck?"

"If I get stuck, you can come near me and I'll tell you when to pull me out." Said Carrie.

"Okay." Kaa said. With that, Kaa slithered off into the marsh. Carrie now started playing. She started out into the marsh and set up a camp. She pitched her tent and rolled out her sleeping bag. She unpacked the rest of her things and organized them around her camp. She heard something in the tall grass. She got goose bumps on her back. Her blue eyes bounced back and forth looking for Kaa. She then had a thought.

"Kaa!" She yelled. "I have a fake rubber knife. If I poke you with it, you have to let me go, okay?" There was no response. She knew he had heard her, though. "And don't squeeze me too hard!"

Carrie decided it was time to explore the area for anything useful. She looked around for anything that might strike her fancy. Little did she know that Kaa was close by. She was going to pick up a shiny rock when suddenly, she felt something. It was wrapping around her waist. She looked, and it was a massive coil. She scrambled out of it by dropping to the ground. Kaa, however, was way ahead of her. He wrapped the end of his tail around her ankle. Quickly, she got up and made 2 running steps toward her camp. Her tent was just feet away when Kaa pulled on her leg. She fell to the ground and felt Kaa coiling around her. She felt another coil go around her right leg. Then, Kaa flipped her onto her back so he could get 3 coils around her waist. She put both hands on the to coil, trying to push it down off of her. She kept her left hand on the coil. With her right, she used all her might to try and reach the knife. She was just six inches short. Kaa wrapped two more coils around her. This time, they were around her chest. These coils pinned her left arm against her. Kaa rolled her onto her stomach. He then wrapped another coil around her shoulders, and another around her neck. Kaa rolled Carrie over again so he could start a new layer of coils over her body. Kaa continued to wrap and wrap, He made another layer from her shoulders to her waist. He then started to lightly squeeze. Carrie grabbed a coil and pulled, to no avail. Kaa was on her and not going anywhere. She stopped moving for a moment. She had never been squeezed by a snake before. She felt the snakeskin against her. She felt the tightness of each coil. It didn't take her long to get back into her play-survival mode. She noticed that Kaa was only wrapped around her left thigh. The rest of her left leg was free. With all of her might, she used her left leg to try and push herself towards the knife. She had to shimmy back and forth a little bit, but she got it. She quickly removed the rubber weapon from its sheath and she stabbed at Kaa's neck. The knife folded twice when it hit. Kaa now knew what to do. He hissed loudly and loosened his coils. He didn't, however, unwrap Carrie. Carrie looked in awe at the snake. He was putting on quite a performance. It almost seemed real. It took a few seconds of struggling, and Kaa finally unwrapped Carrie. As he did this, he slithered away in fake agony. Carrie spun around and around in place as the coils came off of her. Kaa then slithered off into the marsh.

A bit dizzy, Carrie got herself together. "I need to get away from here." She thought. "He'll be back." She started running through the swamp. She ran through high grass and wet dirt. As she ran, she could hear Kaa close by. She ran for another 50 feet before approaching a hill. The hill was long. It stretched all the way down her portion of the river, separating the marsh from the riverbank. At the top of the hills stood many trees. The one she was headed for was particularly large. She climbed the hill and began to head for the riverbank. She noticed a sign on the tree that said "Caution: Quicksand on Riverbank."

Now, Carrie had never been in quicksand. Her parents had always warned her about the mud next to their dock. They claimed it was quicksand. She had watched her friends participate in a "truth-or-dare" game before where one of the dares was to sink in the mud. They were 7 at the time. The girl who stepped in only sank to her upper legs and stopped. Carrie figured that it was like that most everywhere on the river. She kept on running. She crested the hill and looked towards the riverbank. She looked all around. She couldn't hear Kaa anywhere.

Kaa slithered through the tall grass on the way to Carrie. He knew where she was. He could see her atop the hill. He was very much in a state of play. He knew who his target was and where she was. Carrie started down the hill. Kaa then sped up and headed for the hill.

As Carrie came down the hill, she had to step over a large root. It was more like a log. She climbed over the root and climbed down to the ground below. The ground was wet and nasty looking. o At least I only have to deal with 15 feet of wet ground.o She said to herself. She climbed down and put her feet on the ground. The only problem was, she ended up with her feet in the ground. The sand was like mud. She sank up to her ankles. Her sandals were completely under the mud. o Crap!o She said aloud. She reached down and unbuckled her sandals, took a step and pulled them out of the mud. She then tossed them over the hill. She looked down and saw that the mud had taken her up to her shins. She pulled on her right leg to try to get it out, but the left one sank deeper. o This mud sucks.o She thought. She kept pulling until her leg was out. She then placed it in front of herself. Now she was going to go to work on her left leg. When she pulled on it, her right leg sank into the mud. This time, she had forced it in up to her knee. She pushed her left leg in to the knee to balance herself out. Now both of her knees were under the mud. She looked around and saw nothing that she could use to pull herself out. Then she had a thought. o This must be the quicksand my parents were so worried about!o She thought. She was excited. This was her first time in quicksand. It felt good against her legs. She felt herself slowly being swallowed by the quicksand. It felt cool and smooth. As she sank, Kaa carefully snuck into the tree. He waited and watched her from a high branch. Carrie was greatly enjoying the quicksand. She then remembered, however, that she was playing. o Oh, no! Quicksand!o She yelled. o Somebody help me!o She knew Kaa would be watching, but she didno t know where he would be.

That in mind, she started acting worried, even though she wasno t. She began to struggle. She pumped her legs, and the quicksand rose around her. About three minutes later, she realized that she was still sinking. She thought for sure that she would have hit the bottom by now. She lifted up her skirt to see exactly how deep she was. She had sunk all the way to her hips. She looked closely. She could see the mud working its way along her skin. She still wasno t worried though. She was enjoying the feeling of sinking. The quicksand kept swallowing her. Her skirt floated on the surface. She sank to her waist, and the skirt began to go under with her lower body. Carrie pushed the sides in next to her so that the quicksand would be up against her. She watched her midriff get taken under, and then started to get a funny feeling: this wasno t like the mud next to the dock. She then decided it was time to get out. She wiggled back and forth to try and get out. This did nothing but sink her deeper. o Great.o She said. o Io m stuck.o Still in the mood to play, she wasno t yet ready to call upon Kaa to rescue her. She looked around her again to see if she could pull herself out with anything. All she saw was a large branch that was at least 4 feet over her head. She started to feel slightly frustrated, but was still enjoying the experience. She sank deeper. The quicksand was now up to her ribs. Now she was getting worried. She was wondering exactly when the quicksand would stop. She was in a dilemma. She wanted to sink deeper but wanted to be able to get out whenever she wanted. She decided that it was the time now for the game to be over. o Kaa!o She said, o The game is over. Io m really sinking now.o

o Do you want me to help you out of there?o Kaa asked.

o Not yet.o She said, o Wait a while. I want to sink deeper. I will make a circle with my thumb and index finger when Io m ready to come out, okay?o

o Okay, but on one condition.o Kaa answered. o I get to hypnotizzze you when we get back to the houssse.o

Carrie thought for a minute. o Okay,o She said.

Now that Carrie had a way out, she could get back to enjoying the quicksand. She had sunk all the way to her chest. She put her arms at her sides, resting them on the surface of the quicksand. She felt it rise up her chest. She then felt the warm mud on her shoulders. It was heavy, wet, and very overwhelming. She felt that the quicksand was in complete control. It slowly covered her shoulders. She felt it close over them as she sank up to her neck. Her arms were still above the quicksand. She started to claw about to try to prolong the sink. This was to no avail. The quicksand reached her chin and she began to tilt her head back. The quicksand moved up her head and to her ears. It covered them and she could no longer hear anything above the surface. She was looking straight up into Kaao s face. He was coiled around the branch that she had noticed above her. She blinked and saw the quicksand rising in the corners of her eyes. She felt it rise up her cheeks. She felt it cover the sides of her mouth. She tried to take a breath but mud entered her mouth. She instinctively used her arms to gain some headway. She plunged them under the surface, which gave her a few more seconds to breathe. She took some deep breaths. With one, final breath, she slowly pulled her arms back out. This made her sink faster. She watched the mud rise over her face. She took one last small breath and went under the surface. She turned her head so that she was facing straight forward again. She felt the mud encasing her body. She felt very alone and at peace. She realized, however, that she was running out of air. With her arms still above the surface, she made the sign. Kaa then put his tail in the quicksand, and wrapped it around Carrieo s waist. Carrie felt this. After she made the sign, it was only seconds before she felt something wrap around her. Kaa then pulled with a mighty tug, and freed Carrie from the quicksand. With the two coils around Carrieo s waist, Kaa held her in the air. o Are you okay?o He asked.

o Io m fine.o She replied. Carrie wiped her eyes and looked down at the quicksand. It was smooth except for the part where she was, which was fairly rough. However, it seemed to be returning to perfectly smooth quickly.

o How wasss it?o Kaa asked.

o It was INCREDIBLE.o Carrie replied. o One of the most awesome experiences of my life. It is second only to being wrapped up by you.o

o Well thanksss.o Kaa said. Kaa lifted her up and put her on the top of the hill. Carrie went and grabbed her things. Then, she and Kaa walked back to the house.

After a shower, Carrie went and put on her pajamas. Then, she went downstairs. She fixed herself some Easy-Mac and went to the living room. She sat on the couch and Kaa coiled around her from waist to chest. They then watched Anaconda.

After the movie, it was dark outside. Nighttime had begun. Carrie yawned. Kaa then looked at her and asked, o Now?o

o Yes, please.o Carrie answered. Carrie lay down on the floor, with Kaa still wrapped around her torso. Kaa made coils around her legs. He then loosened the coils around Carrieo s torso to allow her to put her arms inside. Once she had done this, Kaa tightened around her. Carrie looked around to make sure she was snuggled in tight. Kaa made a tight, circular coil on the floor for Carrie to use as a pillow. She laid her head down on this coil. Kaa then looked her in the eyes and began to hypnotize her. Just before she fell into the trance, Carrie said o Good night.o

o Good night, Carrie.o Kaa replied. Carries eyes turned multi-colored as her eyelids shut. It didno t take her long to drift off to sleep. Kaa laid his head on top of his coils and slept as well.

As Carrie slept, her dreams relived the most fun day that she had had in years.


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