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Kaa the Naga.

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avatar Regomania
Level 40 : Master Nerd
Kaa the naga sat in the dense jungle treetop, his tail slithering through his fingers. Until, he spotted a young girl cub and smiled, his dinner has arrived. He slithered down just far enough so that the girl cano t see him.

The girl, Jan, walked to the lake and sat there, filling the jar with water. She pulled out her ribbons and sat there. Kaa was in the water his lower snake body hidden and he pretended to freestyle to her. He made it to her and looked at her o Hello there, are you lost?o Kaa asked. Jan shook her head, o Then how about I help you get hooome.o He hissed, his eyes spiralling. The girl looked deeply into Kaao s eyes, mimicking the swirls. Kaao s tail emerged from the water and coiled around her neck gently. o Now follow meo ¦o He hissed slithering form the water and to a near by tree.

Kaa slithered up the tree and Jan stood there. o Now climb up pleassse.o He hissed. Jan nodded and started climbing up the tree. Soon after, he arrived up to Kaa. o Now, go on the branch and sit there, up againsssst the ssssstump.o Kaa hissed, Jan sitting on the branch, against the main stump. o Gooood.o Kaa muttered. He smiled and slithered down to Jan. His coils slowly wrapped around Jan, up to her neck. Kaa poked out his fork tongue and hissed. o Now, you are fully under my control.o He hissed o Time for dinnero ¦o He opened his mouth, his tongue coiling around Jano s face. He lifted her up, and placed her head in his mouth. He started sucking her in. He finished Jan and patted his tummy. Jan was now reasting in his belly.

09/07/2012 3:14 am
Level 23 : Expert Archer
Great story!
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